Immortal Diaries. Beginners Guide: I wish I knew before starting

    I wish I knew before starting Immortal Diaries

    Vamp story? Love? Spicy? Oh, please, yesss! My choices? Yes! Role play game? Yup! Ahh, don’t forget about dress up! Clothes are gorgeous! Competition, friends, enemies, pets? Yes to all that too!

    Yayyy! Let’s go! You download game and rush through the story and one day.. Ups.. Oh.. uh.. ?! Hm.. ?!

    1. That day you find out that the game is unfinished. Immortal Diaries was released only on 20 May, 2021. In English we have 24 Chapters so far. Updates are rare so no need to rush through the chapters. Yeah, yeah, I know, I’ve been there, easy to say than to do because the story line is intriguing, captivating and your curiosity and instincts tell you “Zoom, zoooooom!” 😀

    2. I have to admit, it is p2p (pay to play) game if you want to enjoy it. And if you decide to spend, I would recommend to get to VIP lv3 at least because you will be able:

    • to buy an extra permanent dispatch slot (extra resources you get will be a huge help, worth the diamonds and money you spent)
    • unlock Routines Finish All (yay, way less tapping!).

    Besides you will get 2 extra Followers to help you to make your positions in game stronger. Oh, you definitely better have them then don’t! Plus a few extra gifts and a beautiful outfit set worth highest 5 stars. When you wrap all of it and count, you will get price around 25 US dollars or so. If you decide to spend any real money on this game, you can spend them smart, not the whole sum in one day. It can take you 1-3 months and it still will be to your advantage.

    But.. but.. what if I don’t have a fortune? If I’m not ready to pay? Is it possible to play this game without spending a penny? Yes, but it won’t give you (most likely) much pleasure and fun. I will name two reasons why:

    • it’s hard to compete with p2p players, so you often stay at the tail and get absolute scraps at contests (if any). Sorry, had to say. If you decide to be f2p, better to be prepared for what awaits you. Won’t you be upset after 10, 20 times of losing? What about 50?
    • your progress in a game is very (and I mean very) slow. You are able to get the absolute minimum of needed resources for free but that’s such a minimum. You always want more, new, faster. Tears.. What about not being able to open new Chapter in a book for a week or weeks? It’s not so harsh at the start but it gets more difficult already at Chapter 4 Boss fight.. One of reasons why so many quit :/ You will feel it in full force at later stages. Be prepared and stay strong! We have f2p brave gamers!

    3. We talked money. Let’s talk time. Game expects you to spend at least 2h in the game daily (check Online reward task in Welfare). At the start of the game it will require a lot more often your presence in game. You would be welcome every few minutes to collect needed resources. When you reach a certain point in game, it will take you only 3-4 logins a day.

    4. Economic budget. At the beginning of the month starts Bounty Plan which is a great perk. It may be your first spending to gather your first VIP points. It costs around 10 dollars and gives you 5* outfit set and quite a lot of resources you definitely need in the game. Not a crap. It’s real valuable deal worth the money and breathing through the game.

    However make sure you do daily (and weekly) tasks to be able to collect what you bought. Yeah… I know..

    Good news are that you may buy Bounty at any time of the month and claim extra rewards from Bounty start if you completed the Tasks.

    November 2022 started double Bounty plan so we additionally can buy recycled Set. It takes ~20 US dollars but it’s worth these spendings so far.

    Bunch of gamers also buy Monthly and Yearly cards to be stocked with diamonds (in game currency), plus Top up here and there. And all of this is mostly done to be able to buy new outfits. Exciting! Immortal Diaries is designed to lure you and give you MASS of chances to spend real money. You don’t have to, tho 😉

    5. Diamonds are the most valuable resource you can have in this game. You wanna be smart about spending them. There are a few options where I would recommend to invest them:

    • to buy an extra dispatch slot
    • to buy flower beds as you progress in queens path
    • to buy a dog bed(s)
    • to buy 100% chance to find a puppy
    • to buy some certain Items in Fashion shop to help you to pass the hard dates
    • to buy higher star dog collars
    • Build in Alliance daily

    6. Is there anything we get for FREE? Yes! And not everything in one place. Items are scattered all over the game, so make sure you don’t forget to:

    • login daily in Welfare and collect sign-in prize 
    • collect Online rewards for the time spent in game (also in Welfare)
    • in Item Store (in Store) under Discount you will find daily free Box
    • in Rose Bank under Discount vip Daily free gift pack and Premium Bundle
    • Black Market (can do it every second day to claim better rewards)
    • in Rose Mall free Lucky Draw to collect clothes
    • tap in Rank daily to collect your free diamonds! 60 or more diamonds are guaranteed!
    • in Palace greet Queen or Elder to get the rest of your daily diamonds! That’s the most valuable currency in the game.

    To get some other free Items you will be expected to put more effort:

    • check Surprises in Welfare. They show you how much you might get extra depending on your vip lv and queens path progress. You will activate/trigger them if you do dailies
    • Debates
    • Dispatch
    • send Flowers
    • send Carrots to your friends (in Mystic Emporium –> Magicarium)
    • Mischief (in School) and/or Alchemy Forge (in Mystic Emporium)
    • take part in a Fashion show! Worth it even if you just started the game a few days ago and barely have any clothes. Dress whatever and be a part of it and you still get a reward
    • vote in Fashion Show to get reward
    • enter all Contests! Don’t ignore them. They are a great opportunity to get free resources by playing the game itself (collecting resources and reading a story)
    • play Mini-game if there is any (check add-on “Manor”)
    • look for Redemption codes online. They are extreme rare but don’t lose faith 🙂

    Looks like a lot? Wait till you see how much of everything you will need! Some resources are counted here in millions and billions!

    7. Pst… I will tell you a secret. You can beat last Stage bosses at the end of each Chapter (1-10, 2-10, 3-10..) even if you don’t have enough Influence! It can take you 2 or more days because your Influence restores each day after reset but the damage you did to the Boss stays. That means, each day Boss is weaker and sooner or later you will give Boss the last punch.

    8. “Black Market” also has unwritten secret: You might want to do it only once in 2 days. This way you will have double Morale to punch more harder bosses that give you better rewards 😉

    9. Create your own or Join higher rated Alliance from the first days in the game. What to expect?

    • Build in Alliance is often Task in various Events (and lately in Bounty plan). You can do it only when you belong to any Alliance.
    • Join top3 or top5 Alliance as they are more active.
    • Punch Alliance bosses daily. It’s allowed once a day and it costs you nothing, even non bite of your force or influence. Most important here is your participation. 
      • You get Contribution points that you can use in Alliance Store (exchange into valuable Items). Alliance store has rare, exclusive and expensive items you will need in game a bit later on Queens path. It’s cheaper to get them here.
      • If your Alliance members defeat boss Alliance gets Exp points that accumulate and lv up your Alliance. Each of first few Alliance levels unlocks new items in Alliance Store.
    • Any Alliance would appreciate your Build. All members donated Cement or 50 diamonds (and higher) Build accumulate and is the only source that opens Bosses free of charge.
    • Alliance rewards in Alliance competitions.
    • Community feeling. Alliance has its own chat so it’s easier to get along with someone, find friends, get help/advice. 
    • Alliance members tend to give more flowers to alliance members (that’s the way to grow your Charm), to find quicker/better puppy matches (valuable in higher levels when you start to get 5 star dogs).

    10. And there is #1 rule in game for beginners which any OG will tell you if you ask for advice: always tap NO in Affairs. Oh yes, you want that! That’s the way you grow your EXP faster and move on quicker on Queens path. Isn’t Immortal Diaries about it? 🙂 Perks? New outfit Sets, new Followers, more space to store resources that means you need to come less often to the game.

    You say, wait! That’s it?! What about:

    • How to awaken Followers?
    • Why do I need Potion/ water drops?
    • How to grow Intimacy? Influence?!
    • What clothes are worth buying?
    • Are dogs just for fun?
    • How to get higher score in Dates and Fashion Show?
    • Contest Strategies?

    As, in my opinion, there is no proper Guide online (neither in game) I will share my knowledge in following articles and will answer many questions lots of Beginners (and Advanced gamers) have. Stay tuned!

    You are all set. For the start 😀 See you in Immortal Diaries! Have fun! 🙂

    Danielle -30 Apr, 2022- (Updated, 26 Mar, 2023 // 27 Nov, 2022)

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    • About Time Twilight: get gorgeous affordable five star Set! (2 Jul, 2022) – Login to collect daily
    • Penetralia Astrologer, Tips (10 Jun, 2022) – collect twice a day // ZODIAC
    • Wasteland Anthem: 1.8M Coins+5k diamonds, 9 days (23 Nov-1 Dec, 2022)
    • Asterismal Senses: Scorpio //1M Coins + 11.1 k diamonds+ claim 2/day (26 Nov-30 Nov, 2022) // ZODIAC
    • Christmas in Town:Christmas baubles. Limited time Set and extra clothes, Rose crystals (10-12 Dec, 2022)
    • Misty Quests: Blooming Utopia: involves luck (23-29 Jan, 2023)- not for f2p
    • About time: Radiance: claim free, purchase more (1-9 Feb, 2023), paired w another event
    • Asterismal Senses: Pisces (25-29 Mar, 2023) //ZODIAC
    • Asterismal Senses: Gemini (18-22 June, 2023) // ZODIAC

    SET DUO for HER:

    • Fatal Blossoms: Event that leaves time for your freetime and joy (3 Aug 2022)
    • Fatal Blossoms: Festive screams. Halloween 2022 event (26 Oct, 2022)
    • Columbus Legacy: event Tasks+claim 2/day (8 Nov-11 Nov, 2022)
    • Pearls of Wilderness: buy items, convert them into game currency, own Set parts (6-14 Jan, 2023)
    • Divine Temptation: Valkyries: event Tasks+claim 2/day (2-8 Feb, 2023), paired w another event
    • Tempted Reflections. Royals: dispatch, plant and mini game (2-8 Mar, 2023)
    • Tarot Arcanums: Ravishing Myths (9-16 Mar, 2023)- not for f2p
    • Gypsy Mysticism: buy items, convert them into game currency, own Set parts (8-16 Apr, 2023)
    • Misty Quests: Scented Reverie: involves luck (23-29 Apr, 2023)- not for f2p
    • Walks of Life: event Tasks+claim 2/day (5-11 June, 2023)
    • Postmodern Weather: exchange crystal roses (13-16 June, 2023)
    • Fatal Blossoms: Eternal Night (6-13 July, 2023)

    3-4 SETS for HER:

    • Madame Fagtastic: free daily Coupons are involved (11 Oct, 2022)
    • Christmas Blessings: Wintertide Gala: 3 Sets, luck to get required cards to win Items from the Sets (22-28 Dec, 2023) -not for f2p
    • Revisited Boutique: get 3 old Sets using Fashion vouchers (18-22 Apr, 2023)
    • Hollywood Dream: 4 new Sets. Free daily coupons, easy tasks, in game time (23-29 May, 2023)

    ALL in 1 EVENTS:

    • Labyrinth Zone: Optimise your spendings (30 May, 2022), get 1 new follower



    • Garrett’s Birthday 2022: Birthday Desires (24 Jun, 2022) <10.050 diamonds>
    • Adrian’s Birthday 2022: Birthday desires, 1st DUAL POV (18 Aug, 2022) <13.888 diamonds>
    • Caleb’s Birthday 2022: Birthday Desires, dual POV (2-8 Dec, 2022) and Birthday Login event (1-9 Dec, 2022) <13.468 diamonds>
    • Marcus’ Birthday 2023: Birthday Desires and Login- Birthday Date (17-24 Mar, 2023) <13.900 diamonds>


    • Daily Bonus: new Event for f2p gamers in p2p Game (5 Sep, 2022)
    • Cashbacks: 1st barter event, Follower Eva (16 Sep, 2022)

    History of EVENTS:

    Game additions:

    Updated 25 Apr, 2023


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