Immortal Diaries. Puzzle of Love: Steam Rhapsody

    New Event that brought confusion and roar of disappointment in Immortal Diaries gamers community.

    First of all this event looks so so much similar to Puzzled Rewards event that most of us expected to see 4 new outfits for our so lovable (or unlovable) guys that we used to get by completing Tasks and spending a bit of resources.

    When you look closer, after all this event looks more like Romantic Getaway Event we had back in May that included 4 romantic stories.

    If devs wanted to know if we like it. Community showed their claws and called them out 😀 And it has nothing to do with the event’s content. It’s the price that it is asked to pay. Rawrrrr 😀

    No outfits? So what do we pay for then?

    😀 That’s exactly the reaction most of us had on the first event day. So.. Why to join this event?

    This event is all about 4 special Stories. You have opportunity to get them only during these 7 days while event lasts.

    Is it easy? Yes and no. Yes, if you are ready to spend. No if you are f2p. This event requires spending. 1/3 of it’s price you can cover by collecting free puzzle pieces. You get them by finishing Tasks for each guy. One guy = 5 Tasks = 10 Puzzle pieces. To get the Story Snapshot you will need 30 Puzzles. That’s said, 20 puzzle pieces you will have to buy (20 x 180 diamonds= 3600 diamonds). And that’s only for one guy.

    To get 4 Snapshots you will need 4x 3600=14.400 diamonds IF you do all Tasks. Keep in mind, one of Tasks asks you to purchase 3 Giftpacks (what’s cheaper to spend diamonds to cover this task for 400 diamonds). Don’t forget you will be asked to use Gold cards, Watches and Fertiliser. If you don’t have them ready, they will cost you extra.

    Puzzles and Rewards
    Drag n’ Drop Puzzles

    What is Snapshot?

    “Oh.. Snapshot is a picture..” Many new gamers are very disappointed and think they wasted their Diamonds to get a books cover (picture).

    That’s true that Snapshot really looks like a book’s cover but it also gives you opportunity to read this story later. It will stay unlocked in Moments. You can get Snapshot only during this event. No Snapshot – no access to the story.

    However, 14.800 diamonds aren’t the final price. If you want to turn pages and read the story, you will have to unlock separately each Act in the book.

    It cost’s 80 Keys for 1 Story (4x 80 Keys = 320 Keys for 4 Stories).

    10 Keys you will get by collecting ALL puzzle pieces of 1 Story. 70 Missing Keys you can get by purchasing Daily special for 30 dollars (only during this Event). To open Acts of all 4 Stories you will spend 4x 30 dollars = 120 dollars.

    Don’t forget that you can use Keys after this event is over if you have a story Snapshot. From time to time you get free Keys from Game log in. They are also available on daily basis in Store–>Item Store–>Recommended–>Daily sale. One key per day (or a bit more, depending on your vip level) for 150 diamonds. It would take time to collect but it’s achievable if you aim for 1 story.

    Side notes. I’m in Immortal Diaries for the story, so getting more stories sound fun but definitely not for in this event offered price. Devs, give us more main Story chapters, please.

    Danielle -19 Sept, 2022-

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