Immortal Diaries: EVENT Daily Bonus for f2p

    And who could predict this coming?! After one year of existence Immortal Diaries launched NEW event that we never had and it came along with Survey on the side. I have no idea if that’s a coincidence or made deliberately but it’s a pleasant thought that devs heard us.

    Moreover, who could guess that new event will be in a favour of those who play f2p <3

    All we have to do, be loyal to this game and log in daily to claim rewards. We even are given extra days to collect event prizes as event lasts for 10 days (9/5/2022 – 9/14/2022) instead of usual seven! Woohoo! I’m cheering with you all 😀

    What’s the prize for the loyalty?

    Not the posh one.

    Not the most valuable.

    But still simple and cute outfit.

    Just as we could guess or expect as we were given free similar ones for the Mr. Right birthdays. This one also contains 4 star items. Tags aren’t expressive or luring. The outfit itself is compact, only 8 pieces of new clothes. The only difference I see, it’s more cute than the last birthday outfit 😀 but I’m not a judge when it comes to our likes and dislikes 😀

    However, I have to mention, half of the new items hold special Tags, requiem for the Pink and Holiday hunters:

    Is there some kind of catch or twist?

    Free outfit in p2p game?? And generous 10 day long event?! 0-0

    I hear your surprise. I understand it looks fishy. For those who spend money was a relief to see it’s only a 4 star outfit. And still..

    7 new Items you get easily when you log in 7 days into the event and claim the day’s item. Remember, this set has 8 Items? And if you aren’t fresh gamer, you know well that for completing the whole set, you will get 1 Scroll and you will be able to Enhance set significantly upping your Influence. So what about the last item?

    The last Item, handheld, that cute stylish summer bag, you can claim from the first day on.. IF you spend 100 diamonds:

    paid Item
    free Log-in items

    The price isn’t so high, may be affordable to many gamers as you can use diamonds that you gain by playing this game (no real money needed) but still.. This Log-in event isn’t meant to be absolutely free so I’m looking forward to see it in the future to follow up on it’s development with the hope that f2p gamers won’t be left aside with meh outfits and growing price.

    Danielle -11 Sept, 2022-

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