Immortal Diaries. Beginners Guide: Coins, Energy, Drops, Ability

    OMG! How exciting!! Thats THE game! When you land in the game for the first time in Immortal Diaries, one of the first things you notice is your profile in-game picture (top left corner). Next to it you see small golden lips, vampire fangs and numbers on their right. It’s your Influence. Tap your pfp and you will find yourself in Character Info.

    The same Influence now you see at the bottom of your screen (sorry, I decided to cut it off, ups). On the right side there are 4 small colourful symbols, called Abilities. Among other things they are parts of your Influence: 

    • pink fist = Force ability 
    • green glass = Social ability
    • blue light bulb = Creation ability
    • orange = Stamina ability
    • Pet bonus
    • your outfit Sets bonus
    • Mr. Rights’ outfit bonus

    Let’s have a closer look at Abilities and make sure we understand where and how they are used in the game.

    1. Story is divided into Chapters and each chapter contains 10 Stages. To be able to open story Stages you will have to have enough Energy (Lightning symbol). 

    Not enough? Boost your Followers’ Stamina (orange coloured ability) and collect it mainly in Study → Routines → Replenish.

    1. Your energy may be limited by water drops (you see them in Study → Routines → Research). Boost Creation ability to get more.

    It’s a least valuable resource but make sure you have enough of it as well. Otherwise you will produce less energy.

    1. Don’t be surprised when some of the stages require you to fight mini-bosses. To be successful you will have to have enough Force.

    You grow your force by growing your followers’ force ability. That’s what will help you:

    – train your Followers (by giving force Herbs, Powder, Tablets, Pills, Bolus) 

    – lv up your Followers (spend Coins you get mostly of them in Routines)

    – lv up Followers ability (use Force Scroll)

    1. The last stage of each Chapter is always a fight with the strong Boss you will need to pass if you want to proceed to the next Chapter. Do as much Damage as you can. Bravely punch Boss even if you don’t have enough power. Your strength will be restored after reset but damage made to the Boss no. Damage’s main element is Force. 

    The quickest way to grow it is to lv up Followers’ pink ability by using Force Scrolls. However it’s hard/ expensive to get them so you may want to level up your Followers instead. It will give you almost the same effect but will take more time because you will need to hoard a ton of Coins. The main resource of Coins is boosted Social ability (green). Collect coins in Study → Routines → Work.

    PS: You use the same damage in Alliance to fight Bosses and in Debates. That’s why it makes Force the king figure and Coins are the main resource of this game.

    Where to get coins, water drops and energy? Do you have to buy them? No. These resources are totally free!

    • collect them regularly in Study –> Routines
    • collect once a day in Black Market (from Stage 1-10, 2-10, 3-10, 6-10.. Bosses)
    • do Dispatch a few times per day (Out –> Dispatch)
    • do daily Tasks and collect from daily Task Chests
    • collect in Welfare –> Online Rewards
    • don’t forget to collect in Task –> Timed Rewards and ACHV (Achievements)

    MORE, MORE! How to get MORE?! 😀

    • boost Followers’ abilities and lv up Followers to get more resources in Routines (yep, here we go.. money spending opportunities :D)
    • use Agenda to get more Routines (useful during Contests)
    • to get more coins: Interrogate, Flirt, Dispatch, Plant Flowers, find Playmates (collect in ACHV)
    • for more energy: Tackle Affairs, Debate, grow Pets, feed Dogs (collect in ACHV)

    Basically, play Immortal Diaries 😀 Ready, steady, GO! 😀 Don’t forget to collect what’s rightfully yours 😉

    Danielle -4 May, 2022-

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