Immortal Diaries: CashBacks- barter event

    Have you noticed? With the latest update a new Icon appeared on your game main screen? Oh yeah, all of them changed their appearance and they became more yellow-ish but the bottom on the left column of Items has the name CashBacks!

    I should admit, I had to stop and read it once more as it looked unbelievably good. Almost too good to be true 😀 Other games I play usually have this type of event once or twice per year but this game haven’t launched it previously (or at least I’m not aware of it) so it knocked me by surprise 😀

    If that’s your first ever Cashback event, you may wonder what’s a big deal about it. It’s big, it’s huge! All you need to know is you spend resources to get rewards but.. BUT you get 100% your invested resources back in a certain time and rewards stay for you permanently.

    See how great is that! <3

    You say, it’s too good to be true. What’s the catch? 😀 No catch this time! It’s all real through and through.

    All you have to do, to make sure you have the required amount of resources. This time is our precious diamonds.

    Why do you want to spend diamonds?

    This event is all about one particular prize – Ballerina. Even if you are not that dreamy, weepy or gentle type, you will want it as her appearance is tricky. Under her angelic face she hides her true vampire blood and fangs. We have least pureblood Followers given in this game and she is the one to strengthen that team!

    You lend 1988 diamonds for the week and in return this Ballerina Eva is yours from the day one. If you are here for the story, she is a “must have”. She has Force of 9 star strength and 8 stars of Stamina what makes her a perfect asset when it comes to boss fights and hoarding energy. Social has only 2 stars but that means, it’s easy to upgrade without long waiting while you collect required green scrolls. Same applies for the Potion.

    Is she perfect? No, but who is? 😀 Her two strong Abilities put her in line with other Rare followers you can get by bartering red Follower hearts.

    She nicely ups your Force so you will do better in Alliance boss fight. That lets you to gain more points you exchange into those nice goodies in Alliance store. Remember? Green follower awakening sets you always are short on? Or those cute dogs you own but not enough collars? She will make your life a bit easier here.

    More energy she gathers for you leads to your ability to read more Story chapters/stages. You also will do better in Energy contests. By placing higher you will get better prizes (scrolls, intimacy gifts, pills, dog food cans) what boosts your influence significantly and ups your main rank in the whole game server you are in (or helps to save the spot you are already in). Overall Ballerina helps you without any doubt to stay competitive in this game.

    Let’s barter while we can because it won’t last forever 😉

    Danielle -16 Sept, 2022-

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