There is no peaceful time. Her family is under attack more and more often. Enemy becomes more brutal and SHE is their secret target. Young, beautiful and with the task of her life, hidden in her veins. Bored Life and Fate decide to have fun and place their bids. They let young hearts to meet and taste the forbidden love.

  • “How do you think, will they play by the rules?”
  • “They won’t last long. They hate each other!”, Fate giggles placing a game card on the table.
  • “Nah, they can be creative, give them a chance!”

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–> Please note, this Story is +18. Its content may be unacceptable or upsetting to some groups of people. The story has scenes of sex, incest, abuse, violence. Read at your own risk.

Completed. Last edition: 5-2-2021

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