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    First ever Coupons were introduced in this game during Christmas 2021 special Event “Hymn to Winter” but as the new year started it evolved into Event that holds rules we know now.

    First, let’s see what are the prizes.

    • It always brings 3 new Outfit Sets.
    • All of them have 5 star Items.
    • Apx half of them have special Tags that make your life easier in Dates and gives you better chances in Fashion Show and FaceOff.

    How to get?

    • You can exchange diamonds into individual Outfit pieces. However it’s a whole mountain of precious resources.
    • That’s where Coupon comes in hand. It gives you opportunity to buy Items with 31% off. Of course, it costs X amount of real money. Additionally Coupon gives you Reward package that includes diamonds and Outfit Set’s Enhancement materials. It may vary in Events.

    Life gets even brighter if you are a VIP member (no matter what’s your level) because then you get 51% discount with the Coupon.

    3 Outfits
    Coupon Pass gives additional reward
    individual Items

    Previous events:

    1st: 2/23/2022 – 3/1/2022
    2nd: 6/16/2022 – 6/22/2022
    3rd: 9/24/2022 – 10/01/2022
    2/14/2023 – 2/20/2023 Valentine’s day event

    Enjoy gorgeous triplets!

    Danielle -26 Sept, 2022-, updated 13 Feb 2023


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