Immortal Diaries: Pet Contest, Strategy

    Ongoing Pet Contest, looks simple, yet requires some long term investment and your time. Win Honor and place in Palace, Title and other shining prizes! They are rightfully yours!

    1st place Prize

    Winner is the one who accumulates the most dog satiety! There are a few tips to help you out:

    • regularly do Travel (you don’t want to run out of flower seeds). It’s the main way to get seeds. Slow but free! Where to get more? Read in “Garden(-ing) Contest, Strategy“.
    • always grow Flowers, even if you don’t have Contest
    • exchange Flowers into Dog Food (quality matters!):
      • white = 10 satiety points
      • green food = 20 satiety points
      • blue = 40 satiety points
      • purple = 60 satiety points
      • red = 100 satiety points.
    • Any Flower grows 3h. During this time you will have to feed your dog more than once. If you have more than one dog, you ran out of dog food really fast. Stock up! or use Fertiliser (Flower will grow quicker).
    • save your time: flower Synthesis –> better flowers –> better dog food –> longer sat dog –> less your in-game time
    • buy extra Dog Bed(s). It costs diamonds but it’s a good investment because you have to buy only once and it will stay. More dogs –> more feedings –> more Satiety (Thats our Target, remember?)
    • Keep Seeds, Flowers, Dog beds and Pets in balance (have as many dogs as you can feed them)
    • Grow dogs faster: use Canned Food. How to get? Read “Beginners guide: Pets
    • Don’t keep Dogs Bed empty during Pet Contest. Go Shopping with any Mr. Right and bring the dog in! It has to work for the diamonds you spent!

    GL, Danielle -8 May, 2022-


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