Immortal Diaries. Beginners Guide: Followers

    What a Queen without her followers? What a leader if you don’t have a team? They are your strength, power, source of resources. They show your status in society. Help them to become stronger and you will be rewarded!

    The Queens Path starts when you are the weakest but not hopeless. First, you meet strange dude, William. Games’ short tutorial shows you him as example, what should ideal Follower look like. Yes, Immortal Diaries expects you to keep all Followers’ abilities at the same level. He has 2 stars in each of four abilities and 20 Influence points in Attributes next to each ability.

    By playing game you get more EXP and progress quickly on Queens Path. Step by step you get 4 more Followers as you meet them in the Story. I’m sure, you are already familiar how they look like. Each of them has 1 (of 4) dominating ability and all of them are equal in amount of Influence (100):

    • housekeeper Mary – Force
    • your dear friend Elise – Social/ Coins
    • Thomas – Creation/ energy’s essential
    • Carey – Stamina/ energy

    Soon enough the game becomes harder so lots of players quit but if you stay a tiny bit longer, you get 4 new followers. Yayyy! You swing in joy 😀 Not so quick. To make game not so easy and not so boring, you get them gradually:

    • Morgan is under your control when you reach peerage Turned and you feel how much easier become to beat the bosses.
    • Barry you get at the next peerage level, Pureblood. With his help you collect much more coins and can level up followers.
    • At Noble peerage you probably will feel disappointment as your new Follower will have strong Creation ability but you start to struggle to breath through the story stages (to “turn the book’s pages”) and look for any possibility to boost your energy and force.
    • At Baroness II you get Damon and thats most likely will come as one more uhhh.. because he will offer you help to hoard energy but force problem won’t be solved.

    Keep your nose up and clever boost abilities of those Followers you have. All four new followers come with 120 Influence.


    Then you get 3 more new sets of 4 followers. Once again each of them has one ability stronger in comparison with others.


    To progress from one Peerage stage to next one you will need more and more (way more!) EXP. That leads to longer stay in one of higher Peerage stages. Tasks get harder as well. So you battle your way to become Queen using Followers available at hand. One day, in a middle of your Queens Path, you start getting extra 6 Followers with 2 boosted abilities!

    Force+Social – Force+Creation
    Forca+Stamina – Social+Creation
    Create+Stamina – Social+Stamina

    Looks like a Christmas present? 😀 Keep in mind that their Influence will be not so high as of those Followers you already own. Old ones stayed loyal to you and went already half the way by your side. You will have to work with new ones to make your connection stronger 😉 Yes, I’m talking about levelling them up, training and maybe boosting their abilities to match your needs.

    Another flow of 4 Followers will come again in little waves, one by one. This time they bring 1 stronger ability in a classic this games’ way. They bring you joy as sun rays after rainy day because you needed them. A lot. Sure, you will have to shower them with ability Scrolls and train, but they will be nice assets to your already not so small team.

    Energy Creation

    The highest Peerage stage Elder I brings you the last Follower which looks like a cherry on the top with her boosted Force ability. It’s up to you if she will be the strongest in your team of 32.

    Now, when you know what awaits you, do you already have a plan in your head what are you going to do with those Followers you get on your way to the top? Will you level up them as you get? Or will you make them all with equal Abilities as William has? What else can you do? That’s where the real game begins.

    Danielle -9 May, 2022-

    Not enough for a Queen? 😀 There are a few more ways to get extra Followers 😉


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