Immortal Diaries. EVENT Asterismal Senses: Pisces

    It’s back back back into our game, wooohooo! 😀 Fresh, stylish, oh so pink aaaand fish-y 😀 😀 Have you seen the dress?! Airy, frilly and flirty! Exactly what i need for this spring looks that will refresh my ol’ dress up choices. And hair! OMG omg! I want, oh no no, I NEED these hair 😀 And the headpiece! omg omg, so so cuuuute! <3 And Make up! And Fishes! Dammit, I’m in awe! <3 Here, have a better look:

    New Set (41.250 Stardusts) and Scenery (Set+3750 Stardusts)
    Dress (in 11th Asterism), Scenery (in 12th Asterism)

    Btw, you may obtain this dark scenery as well if you enlighten the last top Asterism.

    This event gives you very narrow choice as you will get Items in the sequence that game arranged it for you, enlightening Asterisms from bottom to the top by following the line). Sure, the dress is hidden in the Asterism at the top and the Scenery is found in the last top one. So don’t be surprised that the dress will be one of the last pieces you will get if you decide to take part in this event.

    To get the dress you will need 41.250 Stardusts. Some Stardusts you get for free but it will cover only ~13% of the whole Stardusts you need. The rest have to be bought using diamonds or real money, or combination of both.

    How much is it for the Set?

    This time I won’t be repeating myself. The event rules and math is exactly the same as the last time. So please, check here how to spend less (step by step) but still have the whole set and scenery.

    Win-win (Exclusive Tip for this event)

    However there is one hack that might help you to spend even less but it works only during this event. On the event day 4 look out for a new Bounty Plan. As all top ups count, your 20 US dollars spent for Bounty will count as 1300 vip top up points in this event what will give you 7200 Stardusts! Doesn’t it sound good? 😀

    So there is how it works:

    DAILY (Day 1 to Day 5):

    • Log in (Divination) daily gives you 390 Stardusts (1950 Stardusts in 5 days)
    • Fee claims twice a day (daily): 600×2= 1200 Stardusts (6000 in 5 days)
    • All Stardusts daily using Coins = 300 Stardusts (1500 in 5 days for 1.000.000 Coins)
    • 45 Stardusts x 20 times x 5 days = 4500 Stardusts in 5 days (1.000 diamonds)
    • 75 Stardusts x 20 times x 5 days = 7500 Stardusts in 5 days (2.000 diamonds)

    On Day 4:

    • 150 Stardusts x 20 times = 3000 Stardusts (1000 diamonds)

    On Day 5:

    • 150 Stardusts x 10 times = 1500 Stardusts (500 diamonds)
    • 15360 Stardusts (20 US dollars for Bounty plan)

    This way you collect 41.310 Stardusts (spend 4500 diamonds, 20 US dollars, 1M Coins and collect all free items). It’s enough to get the whole Set. Scenery and extra items in the Event shop aren’t included into this price.

    PS: As Bounty plan hasn’t show up until the event’s end at some servers and many of you already followed this spendings plan you still can get the whole Set by obtaining Yearly card. It will bring you diamonds for the best price in this game every day for the whole year. It also. will count as spend Top ups and will bring you points for this event.

    Timely claims-1200
    Use Coins & Diaz
    Buy Bounty Plan


    This Set is nice to have but isn’t very valuable. Tags look weak in comparison with the last event’s Tags. They definitely will bring you higher in Face off or Fashion Show ratings IF there will be such requirements. What we all silently wishing is to have some help to pass the Dates with the highest stars. we all know that sometimes look more like mission impossible and real pain in the ass. So, are there any useful Items that could bring you any extra points in Dates?

    This is my top 3:

    Make up

    Make up might help you in Marcus 8-6, Caleb 10-6 and Garrett 5-6. Don’t expect much of help because the common required Tag has C. Wonderful little fishes have some impact in Caleb’s Date 10-6 while Shoes may boost your Date with Adrian 9-6 and Caleb’s 6-6. Keep in mind you already might have some replacements for these ones and they can have greater value 😉 Just saying 🙂

    In such situation we usually get some hidden surprise in Events shop where the extra clothes are hidden. Let’s check it out if there is more luck!

    Well, findings look better in here but don’t expect wonders. The most valuable Item in here is the one most of us would skip not looking twice at it, Hair tie. It has all 3 Tags for a Date with Marcus 9-6.

    Marcus 9-6
    Marcus 12-6, Garrett 13-6
    Adrian 3-6
    Caleb 6-6

    Rest of the Items have special and one corresponding Tag, once again C, so I recommend checking what you already have before buying. 4* Item you already have may be stronger than the new one. Check Dress up guide to find more info.

    Meanwhile, Good luck enlightening pisces! Muah :*

    Danielle 25 March, 2023

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