Immortal Diaries. EVENT Fatal Blossoms: Festive screams

    It’s Halloween, it’s Halloween mood in our game! Come and get one of perfectly designed outfit Set or both! 😀 It took a while for the new dress up event to show up giving us break and time to save up a bit of diamonds! Yayyy yayy! So.. I hope you are ready to dive in and see what awaits us!

    Wraith Phantasm
    Jack o’l Spells

    OMG what make ups! COLOURS! Dresses and ghosts! Smoking hot colourful or icy chill queen? Which one did catch your eye?

    Both Sets are valued 5 stars and have nice Items, including items with special Tags. If you are a Tag hunter, you may want to get Wraith Phantasm as it has slightly better Tags.

    What’s more out there? Check Themed Parts. My favourite is bird in a cage “Frightful Raven”. Dark, spooky pet handheld always will come in hand while dressing up. And don’t forget, it holds 5 stars and special Fantasy Tag. Not overpriced either! It’s only 60 stones! You have to complete a few Tasks to get it! I say Yayy, we love it! <3

    Not enough? 😀 Oh, we became evil-ish greedy 😀 Check out these fantastic pfp and update your profile! I know, I know.. you spend and get no Tags, no influence but what’s the fun if we can’t treat ourselves?! *gets ready for “Trick or treat” 😀

    Two more hidden Halloween “candies”: sceneries! Oh yeah, the same ones you see behind new outfits. You can get them! Just complete most of the tasks and here you go, grab them! ..both!

    You dream about new Outfit Set but you are f2p

    Oh dear, I hope you are so so ready for this event! You were smart using dress up event’s break, played daily and hoarded bunch of diamonds as without them you won’t be able to get any Items from the set. Sorry for breaking these news.. This event is designed to get “All or nothing”. 1 Set price is set to 16.000 seeds, that means you will need 1.600 stones of one colour.

    Just like in the previous Blossom event ~3 months ago, we can get 22,5% stones free, that means completing given Tasks for each set. Tasks also stayed the same, not too hard, not too easy, just don’t leave them for the last moment.

    Completed Task reward
    Giftpacks for completing ALL Tasks
    spend diamonds

    Completed Tasks will bring you 200 stones plus 160 stones as a gift pack. This way you collect 3.600 seeds that you need for the Set (or Themed parts).

    However you will be missing 12.400 seeds or 1.240 stones of one colour. Go to the Gift store in Event page to get them for diamonds:

    10 stones, 20 times (1.600 diamonds)

    40 stones, 15 times (4.500 diamonds)

    5 stones, 88 times (4.400 diamonds)

    In Total it makes 10.500 diamonds for 1 Set (plus all completed Tasks for one Set). Second Set requires the same amount of diamonds and other set of Tasks to be completed.

    Willing to spend 11 US dollars?

    11 dollars = 5600 seeds

    This event doesn’t ask you to spend fortune but you also can’t buy out your way all the way through.

    All you can get for 3 packs (11 dollars) for 1 Set are 5.600 seeds.

    16.000 (1 set price) – 3.600 (free seeds) – 5.600 (from Packs for 11 dollars) = 6.800 missing seeds = 680 stones of 1 colour. You get them spending diamonds:

    10 stones, 20 times (1.600 diamonds)

    40 stones, 12 times (3.600 diamonds).

    Total: 5.200 diamonds + 11 dollars + completed Tasks (for 1 Set).

    If you can afford spending 6 dollars, you will need 7.400 diamonds for 1 Set

    16.000 (1 Set price) – 3.600 (free seeds) – 3.100 (from 2 Packs for 6 dollars) = 9.300 missing seeds you get by spending diamonds following:

    10 stones, 20 times (for 1.600 diamonds)

    40 stones, 15 times (4.500 diamonds)

    5 stones, 26 times (1.300 diamonds).

    Let’s spend diamonds and meet Halloween in fantastic spooky new Outfit! muhahaha

    Danielle – 28 Oct, 2022 –

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