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    Puzzled Rewards is the fifth type of Events on Immortal Diaries game. It was introduced for the FIRST time 4 months after the game was released.

    29 Sep – 5 Oct, 2021

    From that time the Event itself haven’t changed and it is loved and welcomed among Immortal Diaries community. It lasts 7 days and comes with a MEN power. Puzzled Rewards always introduces 4 Outfits, one for each Mr. Right.

    New outfits are good looking and nice to have but also they increase your Influence a lot. Check numbers next to every attribute! They are way bigger than the ones next to the standard Mr. Right outfits you can normally get anytime in game.

    In order to win these Outfit(s), you have to complete all the tasks written on the puzzle pieces. 9 Tasks from each of Mr. Right. Let’s say, you want Outfit for Celeb, you do all 9 his tasks and outfit is yours.

    Tasks stay the same in every Puzzled Rewards game.

    • There are simple Tasks, easy to complete by doing your daily Tasks, such as claim Coins in Resources, consume Potion, use Energy, Affairs, Gifts, Intimacy, Travel, Dispatch, Train, Playmate.
    • Next to them are a bit harder ones: more successful Debates, more Dates, higher Morale in Interrogation, use Fertiliser, Gold Cards, sending Flowers.
    • Some Tasks require to use extra Items, such as Love Balloons and Reset Watches.
    • Other Tasks keep you coming daily to the game: Greet, Flatter, daily Tasks.

    Are there diamonds involved in this Event? Yes, definitely yes, but amount is way lower in comparison with other events: spend 2k diamonds, Build in Alliance, buy Discount Packs.

    additional Prizes (Marcus’ Tasks)

    Additional prizes are also included in this Event. They are hidden in gift boxes next to each row of puzzles. Compete tasks in any row vertically or horizontally and you are good to claim them (tap on pic to enlarge it).

    Each Mr. Right gives you for completing his Tasks:

    • 1 Scroll,
    • 1 green Awakening set,
    • 1 Shopping Item,
    • 1 Affair attempt,
    • 6 Pills of corresponding colour.

    Full list of Puzzle Tasks:

    • MARCUS:
    • buy 2 Discount Packages
    • 1 Playmate
    • 450 Satiety
    • plant 70 flowers
    • use 15 Scrolls
    • 120 Study
    • use 20M Potions
    • 30 Flatters
    • 3 Reset Watches
    • ADRIAN:
    • 80 Dates
    • Contest Store: 20 refreshes
    • 30 Gifts
    • 3.5M damage to alliance Bosses
    • 210 Intimacy
    • 360 Travels
    • 90 Train Followers
    • daily tasks activity 400
    • spend 2k diamonds
    • CELEB:
    • use 20 Gold cards
    • 120 Affairs
    • 24 Dispatches
    • 20 Debates
    • use 10 Fertilizers
    • 120 Work
    • spend 20M Coins
    • 300 Interrogates
    • 20 Shoppings
    • GARRETT:
    • 5 alliance Builds
    • 100 Flirts
    • use 8 Love balloons
    • increase by 50 Debate score
    • use 90 Silver cards
    • 120 Energy replenish
    • spend 20M Energy
    • 5 Greets
    • send 240 Flowers

    Second Puzzled Rewards Event “Bonded Fantasies” launched 4 months after first one and brought Guardians Costumes:

    5 Feb – 11 Feb, 2022

    Third time it showed up again after 4 months with Sport Outfits included into Event under name “Fated Match”:

    3 Jun – 9 Jun, 2022

    Hope, you enjoyed this short look-back at this masculine Event.

    Danielle -3 June, 2022-

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