Immortal Diaries. BEAUTY STUDIO

    Well well.. “Beauty Studio”.. Here we go!

    It was uploaded 2 days ago during maintenance and today is the 1st day of this new addition to Immortal Diaries game. Games community roars and claws so I had to sneak in and peak at it myself.

    The loading page looks very promising. Looks like we will be busy washing, combing, powdering, pampering and spending our precious time perfecting make-ups 🙂

    Who wouldn’t want to give some dramatic colour to our dark Vampire ladies? I can imagine light blond cut bob with bangs swinging at her pale skin, burgundy vine red lipstick, penetrating red eye lenses, extra long eyelashes, extra light touch of rouge and extreme dark eyeliner. Oh, right, better they give us fangs and blood drops to play!

    What about Werewolf beauty? At the full moon she is in her snow white long curls covering her bust at the front and swinging at her heels at the back, baby blue shining eyes and blue lips curled in challenging smile, thin and curvy eyebrows, shadowy cat eyes. At a casual day time she may shift into different beauty: milk chocolate brown wavy long hair, shining yellow eye pupils inserted into shadows where only yellow and orange eyeliners give some life to shine through, sculptured cheekbones, expressive plump lips and some face tattoos. We could get some ears for a fun look!

    Let’s look at what we’ve got! So exiting!

    Where to find it?

    hm… Where is this Beauty Studio? New.. shiny.. bright.. advertised.. so much time was put to create it so should’t be somewhere hidden, right?

    The strangest place to put the new game addition 0.0

    1. Open your game.

    2. Go to “Story” o.o Don’t ask why..

    3. Look for it on your screen right bottom corner. Done!

    Let’s open it.

    Step1: open
    Step 2: done
    Step 3: err.. that’s it

    You don’t need any resources to open new stages of Beauty Studio. Perfect!

    You get a Task to do. Super simple, dumb O.O *whispers and blushes. Once again, no need to use any resources. Well, except your time as you can’t to speed up the process. And yes, only 1 task. No need for perfection, tap or slide finger anywhere in the aprx area and that’s it, game will count it as completed.

    At the end of each stage you get a tiny reward.

    Hmmm.. seams too simple? Let’s try others! Maybe it gets harder, just like in the Story.

    Oh nice! We get some choices! One again, nothing complicated, once and done. If you spend some diamonds, you obtain these items but (as I understand) you can’t reuse those anywhere. So why to spend diamonds, m? O.O

    Our rewards get slightly bigger regardless we spent diamonds or picked the free Item.

    Let’s go forward. Oh.. I can’t stop laughing 😀 😀

    1 Task
    3 Tasks

    So.. Now we get 1 simple task OR Task with the choice for diamonds OR 3 Tasks. Rewards don’t differ much at all.

    I completed all available for the moment. Yours might look somehow different:

    End notes

    Pros: 1. Easy. 2. No need to use game resources. 3. Free rewards.

    Cons: 1. Make up studio is super simple, too simple. Final image is too predictable. Stage 1- lips, stage 2-eyebrows, stage 3- beauty wash and so on.. Why not to conjunct all of those into one stage? Why not to give us a theme? Why those choices are so limited? 2. Boring. No ways to use our imagination, skills. 3. Too repetitive. 4. There are no way to use the final image anywhere.. Why not to give us a mini side story/ backstory for each of those characters? Devs might spin a whole story for each of them too.

    OR stop adding additions to the game and continuing with the Main story line, Dates, adding new followers and so much more gamers ask to make this game worth playing for longer. Devs try to hear us, gamers, on Discord. Come and joins us

    Danielle 25 Mar, 2023

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