Immortal Diaries: f2p friendly Project FaceOff

    Only a few hours ago started new season of Project FaceOff and I’m so so exited! It came without any announcement and without any pomp, without even slightest note about it but I won’t be silent 😀 It’s one of my favourite parts of this game and I’m even not much into dress up ;D

    Project FaceOff is the place for dressing up competition and can be found on your main game screen under Club. You say, we already have one and it’s Fashion Show! Yes, you are absolutely right but FaceOff is a long run contest, lasting around 3 months, to be exact, 12 weeks.

    It’s only the 3rd season of FaceOff and it has minor changes. Immortal Diaries gamers’ community is happily buzzing about dazzling 5 star outfits you can get by taking part in this competition. Have a look for yourself:

    Set from the 3rd season

    Why do we love it?

    • NO real money spending needed (friendly to f2p)
    • 5 star Outfit Set as reward
    • we have an option to get pieces we like/want if we don’t like the whole outfit
    • Items with special Tags (rare Tags included! Helpful in Dates!)
    • there isn’t one week pressure like during other events as this one lasts for 84 days
    • outfits are gorgeous <3
    • there are other goodies, check out the Project Shop 😉
    • it’s Fun! You don’t have to be whale spender to win

    Good to know:

    • On most of the days you get 5 free fashion battles. 1 successful battle brings you 15 butterflies (meaning up to 75 free butterflies/day). Butterflies are event’s currency.
    • Each time you battle opponent that is ranked similar like you (up to 10 ranks higher/lower) so your progress’ speed is limited
    • Strongest opponent is usually based on the far left (but not always, watch out!)
    • Daily you get 5 Free refreshes so you could escape unwelcome opponents
    • You will have to reach the highest rank Style Guru (top 3) if you aim for the whole set Items (see below “Strategy”)
    • Most likely you will have to spend extra (diamonds) to collect the whole outfit during season by buying more battle attempts (1 attempt = 15 diamonds). Total free average butterfly count per this season: 12.010. This seasons Set requires 13.510 butterflies. You would end up with ~100 diamond spending to cover shortage. And that’s when Season rewards and Weekly rewards are included (see “Strategy” below on how to profit from them)
    • When FaceOff season changes you still have opportunity to get Items from past sets. Thank you!
    • Unused Butterflies carry on to the next season Yayyy <3
    Weekly rewards can be reached every week
    Each Season reward is achievable once per season
    Season reward


    • start FaceOff as soon as the season starts and compete daily. It will help you to collect the most free butterflies and save diamonds
    • dress up for your best score (use Easy Dress up Guide if you are not sure how). I do it when I’m not in a hurry 😀 Read the next sentence to know why
    dress up following 2-3 given Tags
    know 4 additional useful Tags
    dress up your best
    • after week’s reset on Sunday be the 1st (or one of the firsts) to enter the fashion battlefield and claim as many Season rewards as you can. It’s the easiest way to reach Fashion Guru level as only this one unlocks the last Outfit’s Item. It’s enough to reach it once per season for a split second (top 3) and Items will stay unlocked for the whole season and after it 😉
    FaceOff levels
    the highest level
    each lv unlocks Items
    • Be one of the last persons that plays FaceOff on Saturday before it’s reset. You will get better weekly rewards.
    • Choose your opponent strategically: 1) if you aim for higher Fashion lv, you chose opponent that has Higher Rank Lv than you and, sure, lower fashion score because you need to win to be ranked higher. Most often opponent like this will be on your far left, just make sure you can win. Free refreshes (and sometimes paid ones) are worth it! 2) if you aim for more Butterflies (once you reached Style Guru lv OR your fashion score that week is way too low), you pick weaker opponent to be sure you win the battle (successful battle will bring you 15 butterflies while lost battle gives you only 5). 1st strategy place you better for weekly rewards.
    • Still in need for higher score? Don’t forget, your 3 followers up your fashion score. You can awaken one or all of them to get higher score:

    Have fun, my beauties! See you in Regal Pageant FaceOff *rolls vampiric eyes and flips hair 😀

    Danielle -11 Sept, 2022-

    Read more: Dress up Guide and I wish I knew before starting (scroll down for Strategies, Tips and Tricks)

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