Immortal Diaries: Garden(ing) Contest, Strategy

    New Contest and you already got ranked! Yayyy! Your heart happily jumps 😀 One more simple Contest! 😀 You check prizes and Hmm.. “Fishy”, your inner voice whispers. Something here isn’t right. Yes? No? Don’t look at me like that! 😀

    • exclusive Spot in Palace!! UwU
    • shiny Title! Yayyy, will be visible in Chat!
    • Green awakening sets! I already know which Follower(s) will get them!
    • Scrolls and blue Chest .. Definitely go for.. but.. Spot in Palace!! 😀
    • Intimacy gifts

    Two exclusive gifts for your sore heart and chance to boost your Influence. Ahhh! Damn, you want them! 😀

    So HOW to get them?

    It’s Gardening contest so all you have to do is to grow as much as possible Flowers. Any flowers.

    Oh wait! Where to get SEEDS? It’s one of the challenging aspects of this contest because there are not many ways to get them:

    • Travel
    • Task –> Timed Reward
    • in Rose Bank during Garden Contest (bank never gives anything for free)
    • in Garden Store (mostly asks you to spend your precious diamonds)


    • have as many gardening spots in your Garden as you can afford. I know… It costs diamonds. On other hand, it’s great investment. Oh, now you get why it’s not a simple Contest, right? 😉
    • make sure you have enough seeds ready for the Contest (regular Travel, Travel, Travel!). Don’t forget to collect them during event time in Task –> Timed Reward 😉
    • plant flowers regularly
    • don’t forget your harvest! It’s ready in 3h! You even can set up an alarm clock during event. No, I’m not mad, some of contesters definitely will do!
    • use Fertiliser only during Contest! Each bag of it will shorten time by 1h for 1 flower. You can buy it in Garden Store, in Rose Bank during Contest and from Timed Reward.

    Have fun in the Garden! Muah!

    Danielle -6 May, 2022-



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