Immortal Diaries. Event. Puzzled Rewards: Fated Match

    O-M-G!! Have you seen that?! One of economic budget friendly Events is back, yayyy! This time “Puzzled Rewards” brings us Track Suits for our Mr. Rights! Aaaaaa! Feels like it was forrrrrewerrrr!

    Rules of this Event are simple. There are various tasks for each Mr. Right. If you want to get the Outfit, you have to do all the tasks that Mr. Right asks you and then you can claim the outfit for him. Easy peasy 😀 Is it so? 😀

    If you aim for all of them, there is some useful info to know prior. Every Mr. Right has 9 Tasks on his puzzles.

    Little spendings

    One of tasks usually asks you to spend diamonds to cover it. This time we have:

    • Marcus: buy 2 Discount Packs in Store (cheapest one costs 288 diamonds and contains valuable goodies 😉 ).
    • Marcus: And what about Reset Watches? Do you have 3 of them?
    • Adrian: spend 2k diamonds
    • Celeb: use 20 Gold Cards (we love Clothes so usually we don’t have all required Cards and 1 card to buy = 100 diamonds OR do you have any left in Bounty Plan?)
    • Garrett: send Flowers to gain 240 Favor (hmm, Flower Contest ended just an hour ago.. soo, some we can grow, the other 198 flowers we can buy in Store using ~200 diamonds)

    Must to do in time Tasks

    There are always tasks you can’t miss because there will be no opportunity to do them later:

    • Marcus: 30 Flatters in Rank (hmm, you can manage 6/day..)
    • Adrian: 360 Travels (we have no opportunity to hurry up them)
    • Adrian: daily Task activity 400 (can’t be done in 1 day)
    • Celeb: 300 in Interrogations (depends on your Morale Lv/ progress in Story)
    • Garrett: 5 Builds in Alliance (once a day. Join Alliance today if you are not in yet!) AND 5 Greets in Palace (once a day)

    Keep an eye on these Tasks daily because they are TRICKY for one reason or another:

    • Adrian: Contest Store refresh 20 times (use 3 free times daily and you don’t have to spend diamonds)
    • Adrian: 80 Dates (12 dates a day if you want to have this task done for free)
    • Marcus: plant 70 times in Garden (if you have a lot of gardening spots, you may not to worry about this one)
    • Celeb: 24 Dispatch (depends on how many you have)
    • Celeb: 20 Debate (use your daily chances so you don’t have to use extra items)
    • Celeb: 20 Shopping (you will cover most of them by using Coffee and Blooming Bouquet you get free daily, no need to buy too many OR maybe you still have some Phones left in your Bounty Plan Exchange?)
    • Garrett: 90 Silver Cards (don’t forget to collect them in Magicarium Store daily! You can get there 20/day)
    • Garrett: increase Debate score by 50 points (fastest way is to Rematch using your best Follower)

    Timing & Efficiency

    And there are other Tasks. Let’s be efficient with them too! How? As today started Influence Contest, you may want to concentrate on the tasks related to it:

    • Flirt and use Love Balloons / 2xGarrett
    • grow more flowers, do shopping, feed dogs, find Playmate / Garrett, Celeb, 2xMarcus
    • buy Discount Packs / Marcus
    • train Followers / Adrian
    • use Scrolls / Marcus
    • if you plan to, use Agenda to restore Work (in Routines, Study) aiming to get more Coins / Celeb
    • level up your Followers (spend Coins) / Celeb
    • use Golden and Silver Cards to obtain new Clothes

    After 4 days will start Intimacy and Energy Contests, so you may want to benefit from doing these tasks then:

    • spend Energy reading Story / Garrett
    • use Reset Watches to beat boss in Story / Marcus
    • give Gifts to gain more Intimacy points / 2xAdrian

    Let’s be ready to win Outfits for Mr. Right(s)! GL!

    Danielle -3 June, 2022-

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