Immortal Diaries. EVENT:Fatal Blossoms

    New event hit our game yesterday so I was excited and curious what we get this time. First of all I checked both new 5 star outfits and sceneries. Oh, jealous.. Luring special tags and gorgeous pieces of outfits! <3 Which one would you be aiming for?

    Blooming Serenity
    Blooming Vivacity

    Looks like devs decided not to anger players anymore and let us to calm down so this event is constructed as our events at the end of last year (before they started to experiment and heightened prices). However, one thing from their experiment phase left: if we want any of these two sets, we can get the whole set, but NOT the single items we love..

    How to get free stuff?

    The cheapest way (but not the fastest): complete all the tasks, collect stones, convert stones to seeds and exchange seeds into the outfit Set.

    By completing tasks you will get 22,5% of required event currency free. Tasks are hard enough for newbies in game but for OG they take ~3 days to complete. I’m really really glad that I have time to enjoy the game and don’t have to spend hours and hours grinding to have these Tasks to be done 🙂 Finally it’s a FUN time! 😀

    Some Tasks you have to keep in mind because you can’t forcefully to complete them on the last day (Travel and Dispatch, get Carrots, Interrogate, Alliance Build).

    Some Tasks will save you money if you do something to complete them every day till you complete them:

    – Date: it’s limited to 10 per day. To get extra to complete the task faster, you will have to buy expensive Lipsticks.

    – Debate: it also has a small day’s limit. To get extra for faster completion, you will have to use Hourglasses or rematch Letter(s).

    – Silver Cards: collect 20 Cards every day in Magicarium Store to save diamonds 😉

    – Plant Flowers: Fertiliser is expensive so it’s advisable to plant as much and often as you can, even if it means buying new planting spot (worth it because it will be helpful for you in other competitions like Gardening, Pet satiety).

    After completing Tasks you will get 360 Stones. You exchange Stones into Seeds by simply hitting “Send”. Each Stone is worth 10 Seeds. 3600 Seeds you can exchange into Themed Parts. Have you seen Backgrounds?! <3 If not yet, check them out!

    Themed Parts

    How to collect enough for the Set with my economic budget?

    However, if you dream about any of these two new Sets, you will have to spend diamonds to buy more Stones of corresponding colour in event’s Gift Store–> Stones (doesn’t reset during event time):

    15x Ultimate Stones, each for 300 diamonds (you get 600 Stones= 6000 Seeds for 4500 diamonds)

    20x Delux Stones, each for 80 diamonds (you get 200 Stones= 2000 Seeds for 1600 diamonds)

    88x Original Stones, each for 50 diamonds (you get 440 Stones= 4400 Seeds for 4400 diamonds)

    cheapest Stones

    In total you spend all free stones and 10.500 diamonds to obtain 1 Set.

    What about getting both Sets? What’s the price?

    Mmmm, I want BOTH! 😀 Basically you follow the same steps as to get the 1st one Set. Tasks differ depending on the Set so instead of completing 10 Tasks, you will have to complete 20 Tasks to get free Stones for both Sets.

    Collect Stones of corresponding colour. Exchange them into Seeds. Buy missing Stones. The price will be the same- 10.500 diamonds for the 2nd Set. That makes your pockets lighter by 21k diamonds in total.

    If you aren’t rich on diamonds atm ..

    As alternative for diamond spending you have Giftpacks in an event’s Gift Store. There you can get more Stones for real mooooneyyy 😀

    You will have to buy all corresponding Giftpacks in event Store to get the best deal (5 Stones you get here only for 0,1 dollar!). Note: Giftpacks don’t reset.

    You will end up spending 4,99 + 4,99 + 0,99 dollars = ~11 dollars for 250+250+60=560 Stones

    Note #2: You still will be short on Stones. Meaning you will have to buy Top ups to get more diamonds that you will spend in event Store buying missing Stones (680):

    Top up 99,99 +Top up 9,99 = ~101 dollars

    Note #3: I would recommend to buy Top up in Rose Bank–> Discount –> Peerage Giftpack 99,99 (if you are brave enough to spend 100 bucks. In this case you will get not only the same amount of diamonds, but also extra items – scrolls 😉 Check them out! )

    Total: Tasks (free stones) + 112 dollars –> 1 Set

    In my opinion deal isn’t in our favour this time (unless we are short on diamonds only a tiny bit).

    Final word

    Despite I can’t afford both Sets with my economy game budget, I love this event. This one isn’t harsh, Tasks are reasonable and don’t require my whole freetime, 5 star new sets are stylish, gorgeous, hold unique Items.

    Good luck, tomorrow may be the day to get the Set!

    Danielle -3 Aug, 2022-

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