Immortal Diaries. Awakening Follower, Green Sets

    Awaken?! What?! How the hell do I do that, mm? Can you relate? 😀 Oh yeah, that was me too when I hit the first bench mark for the first time. It stops you from levelling up and progressing in the game unless you do something.

    Sooner or later, we all come to this certain point in the game. You get there quite quickly and start looking what (or who) could help you. There is a solem way to do it. If you press “Awaken”, game shows you the exact Set you need to use to pass the benchmark. Every Set contains 3 things: Hat, Medal, Ribbon.

    Awakening Set-Bronze Lv

    None matter what kind of Follower you have, they all start at Iron level and all of them have the same bench marks you have to pass if you want to progress in levelling them up higher:

    • at Lv 100 – Bronze (green set), cap Lv 150
    • at Lv 150 – Silver (blue set), cap Lv 200
    • at Lv 200 – Gold (purple set), cap Lv 250
    • at Lv 250 – Diamond (yellow/orange set), cap Lv 300
    • at Lv 300 – Master (red set), cap Lv 350
    • at Lv 350 – Grand Master (fancy red set), cap Lv 400
    • at Lv 400 – Challenger (fancy green set), cap Lv 450
    • at Lv 450 – Supreme (fancy blue set), cap Lv 500

    As higher you level up your Followers, more and more Awakening Sets you will need:

    If you look for purple or blue set, you may find one place where they are hidden (pssst, it’s Alliance Store), but most of us use Synthesis in our Bag to get them in exchange for Green sets that are common to find in game.

    Where to get Green Awakening Sets?

    Green Sets are easy to find in:

    • Contests as reward
    • Alliance Store
    • Bounty Plan Exchange
    • Task -> Limited as Login reward (once in a few days)
    • at some Events

    Easy to find but I never said it will be easy to get 😀 So, if you are willing to spend real money, Green Sets appear:

    • as Limited offer valid for a few hours when you reach the Awakening benchmark. However offers pop up only at the start of the game. If you want to use them, Level up Follower till you hit Awaken, use offer and Awaken. Only then level up the next Follower till the Awakening benchmark to get new offer. Otherwise you will be offered only with 1 offer instead offer for each Follower!
    • in Rose Bank when you Top up certain amount
    • 1 Set when you buy Monthly Card in Rose Bank
    • A couple days ago it newly appeared in Rose Bank -> Discount as Limited Premium Bundle: Follower Awakening Pack

    Contests are the cheapest way to get them. Then Bounty Plan (till Lv55) follows. At the moment Bundle is the next cheapest way to get them, then comes time for Top ups, Alliance Store and Bounty Plan Exchange (after Bounty Lv55). Events aren’t included in this list as price depends on Event and its offer.

    Keep an eye open as game still develops and there are constant changes. Happy green hunting 😀

    Danielle -3 June, 2022-

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