Immortal Diaries: Debates. Tips & Tricks

    Oooh.. not again! That sucks! You give up and press “Quick Debate” button. Familiar? 😀 Yeah.. sooner or later we all end up there. I say “We CAN do better!” Follow these simple rules and be proud of yourself 🙂

    Rule #1: do all debates manually. Take all risks in your hands and you will achieve way better results!

    Rule #2: always pick your opponent at lowest possible followers’ cap level in order: first Iron -> then Bronze -> Silver -> Gold -> Diamond -> Master..

    Pick Bronze (green)

    Rule #3: Use “Likes” to restore your Follower. He/She gets tired after each opponent. Give that boost. It will act as cup of coffee for you in the morning or energy drink when you are worn out.

    Rule #4: at equal cap level (all Bronze) avoid VIP followers as they originally are the strongest ones. If you are a beginner, avoid Talented (12-14 force ability stars) and Rare Followers (7-9 force ability stars) as well. They may be too powerful for you.

    Rule #5: avoid Followers with originally boosted Force (Mary, Morgan, Lillian, Lynn, Gary..).

    Pick woman. Her original force is 1 star while Gary has 8
    Pick Eric. His original force (6) is lower (Amy has 8 stars) and it’s hard him to level up
    Pick the one on your left. She has originally 1 force ability star while Lorraine has 5

    Rule #6: for some reason people like to boost certain weak Followers more than others: Thomas, Elise, Damon, Elena. Avoid them if you can.

    Guy would be your best shot

    Gambling is natural part of Debate. Let’s play a game! Pick your opponent:

    My pick is Amy (woman in red). The other two are most popular Followers
    Sophie (right one). She is the weakest VIP Follower and the dude in Gold lv looks fishy
    Lady with butterflies, just because we get her last of these 3 Followers

    I can’t promise you will win all the debates but if you follow these rules, you definitely will perform much much better. Enjoy your battles!

    Danielle -11 May, 2022-


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    1. Hoang

      When challenging, rematching another player, is there a way to use the same player more than once per day?

      • [email protected]

        If you have that person more than once on your enemy list, you can chose her/him/them as many times as they appear on your list. You also can enter their ID code to challenge them.

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