Immortal Diaries: Mischief, Alchemy Forge

    You already made a few new in-game friends. What about enemies? Or maybe you already have some rivals you secretly would love to punch? What if I tell you that there is a way 😛 This function is called Mischief. You unlock it automatically in Queens Path peerage level Turned which comes straight away after beginners tutorial in Human stage. Mischief consists of 4 parts. You can use any of them five times a day if you have required items (Leaflet, Holy light Stone, Vervain, Magic Ball).

    1. You can pick one of four texts and send it to the chat. It will be some nasty Gossip about one player your pick (valid only in the same server you are playing). Unlocks in peerage Turned.

    2. Too mild? Try Poisoning. It will give a lisp effect for the player of your choice. When that person send message in world chat, it will appear destroyed. Ha! Finally some bigger effect! Unlocks in peerage Noble.

    Pssst! Using gossip/ poisoning brings you 1000 coins! Now you start liking it, aren’t you? 😀 Remember, you have two more options 😉

    3. Holy Light lets you to open curtains and the passing light will leave damage on the skin of your chosen opponent. Eww.. Right, that’s very visible and most of players will notice it. And most of them won’t appreciate it. Unlocks in peerage Pureblood.

    4. If the three upper ones don’t look suitable for you, Witchcraft will be the last your choice. However, you are not able to use it on players at Human stage. Unlocks in peerage Baroness II.

    Holy Light and Witchcraft gives you 1000 energy each.


    Furthermore, using any of those four Mischief items gives you not only main resources (coins and energy) but you are granted by Schemer points. Mischief –> Ranking –> Schemer will showcase you who uses Mischief Items most often.


    Mischief –> Ranking –> Dupe lists players hit by any Mischief item. Dupe shows how many times Mischief was used on player.

    Ah, now you don’t want someone use them on you, don’t you? 😀 You frantically wish there was a way to back off 😀 Good news! There is a way!

    Alchemy Forge

    Instead of using Mischief items on other players, you can use them in Mystic Emporium –> Alchemy Forge.

    Also, it’s NOT free. For each Forge Solvent is essential. It costs you 6250 coins. Otherwise your Forge will fail. Btw, you have to remember to use it. Yes, manually. It doesn’t apply automatically.

    Then pick as many different Mischief Items as you want and use them to create your own Formula. Alternatively you have a choice to use Random Formula.

    PS. There may be a chance of Failure. So won’t be surprised if that happens.

    This function is so so new, that I will share only result of my latest Forge to let you have an idea how your reward may look like.

    As you see, in this case instead of coins and energy you may get in-game items of different categories. Nice! Very pleasant surprise!

    Try this new function and find out what aways you!

    Danielle -4 May, 2022-

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