Immortal Diaries. EVENT Fatal Blossoms: Eternal Night

    Fatal Blossoms event is back to our favourite game! And just look at that gorgeous outfits it brought in! <3

    The white one, Rouge of Thorns, holds bloody bride vibe, all wrapped in the red web and covered in leaves of roses. It looks very familiar but the red wine one, Crimson Feast, is strikingly stunning.

    Both sceneries look outstanding, 10/10. Unfortunately we will have to pay extra to obtain them.

    How to get Sets?

    The way to get them hasn’t changed. If you haven’t already, please check this link to older event or the Fatal Blossoms Halloween edition event for recommendations. There you will find:

    • overview of all tasks and guidance on how to complete more trickier ones in time, how to obtain missing items;
    • best diamonds deal.

    I will spoil you that the set will take from you at least 10.500 diamonds + all tasks done if you want to get it for the most affordable price and you are not willing to spend any real money. 6 dollar spending will help you to save ~30% of diamonds (and you will get additional ones).

    Are both sets equally worth?

    As per usual, one set is better than the other. To my luck or not so good luck, the set I’m in love has lesser tags. Let’s check it out how is this time.

    At the first glance it might look like the white set has stronger tags but at a closer look they are both apparently equal: both sets have only 2 items that hold S tag, each set has only 2 items worth obtaining and both sets have one rare item but not with a great tags.

    From white set only these two red items are worth something in this game, “Rouge Flair” piloting above all. So if you are not fond to spend on this set, use your points on extra item “Whispering Vines” instead. Better rated hair and dress you might already have from previous bounty plans, and better make up is from Pisces set we just had a few months back.

    rare; date Caleb 10-6
    Marcus 11-6

    The red set has somewhat worthy make up. If you haven’t got it’s equivalent from Contest, there is your chance to get one with the same leading tag. Scarf is one of those rare items in game. There are only 5 with the Lady tag so it is a great opportunity to obtain one. The extra item I would be getting is “Whispering veil”, because of its Royal and S tags, and performance in Dates.

    rare; Date Caleb 1-6 and Garrett 4-6
    Adrian 1-6, Marcus 7-6, Garrett 10-6

    In generally this event is packed with RED tag items but guess what.. Red is required so far only in 1 Date (Garrett 8-6) and only shoes from the white set might be helpful in it.

    We have 3 Fantasy items offered to us. ‘Rouge Flair’ from white set and Veil from the red set we could use in date with Caleb 10-6. White set make up can be used in date with Caleb 11-6.

    Hair from white set and Scarf from red set have Lady tag with Vintage that is helpful in lower dates with Caleb 1-6 and Garrett 4-6.

    White dress can be used in date with Caleb 4-6.

    Red set shoes can be used in lower dates with Adrian 5-6, Caleb 2-6 and Garrett 1-6.

    End word

    In conclusion I would say that white set is slightly more helpful in dates if you are fresh in this game and struggling to pass lower dates. If you are hunting for tags, I would go with the red set (if do it at all) as it has slightly better rated items that fall to staple categories.

    As Fatal blossom event is everything or none items from the sets, our options are limited. Just go with your gut and decide if any of these 2 are worthy your precious diamonds 😉

    Danielle -7 July, 2023-

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