Garrett’s Birthday: EVENT Birthday Desires

    Don’t miss out Garrett’s birthday, ladies! It landed with two events in the game. One of them started today and brings in a few luring surprises! Intrigued?! Me too! 😀 Let’s check it out together!

    First surprise. Brand new 5 star outfit set “Idyllic Summer” arrived! Look at it! It’s gorgeous!

    Ohhh, nice Travel bonus (19%).

    It holds 4 Items (out of 10) with special Tags. However tags don’t look so special to simp about them (remark for the tag hunters 😉

    But the Set itself it’s just adorable, isn’t it?! I can imagine these new pieces coming together into new outfit I could combine with Items I already own. Oh, hello show off in Fashion Show and lovely selfies in World Chat 😀 I’m sure, you’ve got my idea 😉

    Secondly, you can get Garrett’s birthday Story. Oh yeah, he will take you for a ride! At the end you will get a Moment with him, mmmm 🙂

    Do you want to hear his voice? It’s possible too! Check Confessions after you unlock all 5 birthday story Acts.

    And now pops the question HOW? You will need:

    1. Sweetness (choco bars) to unlock Story Acts and get Moment, plus Confessions. Don’t forget about Prizes you get according to your Rank in this event (check out “Rank”). It’s Scrolls, Green awakening sets, EXP, Attribute boosters, dog collars, Coins and Energy! You can win a Title too!

    2. Sentimentality is those red hearts you exchange to get Outfit Items (and other prizes).

    Rank rewards
    5* Outfit

    Both of them you get from 3 types of Gifts to Garrett:

    Cap gives you 10. Watch gives you 30 and Camera holds 50. These Gifts you can get:

    • by doing daily Tasks – FREE
    • by spending time in game (2h daily) – FREE
    • you can buy Gifts with discount using Diamonds
    • buy Gifts spending real money (check “Daily Special” offer on your main screen)

    Free you will be able to collect 750 Sweetness and 750 Sentimentality daily. After 7 event’s days you will have 5250 of each. If you dream to get dress, you will have to buy more Gifts (cap, watch, camera) because it takes almost 1/3 price of the whole set and costs 6000 (free Gifts plus extra 900 diamonds, if you will buy cheapest Caps using diamonds for 4 days).

    Event’s Price

    If you decide to opt for whole outfit, you will naturally open all story Acts and get other perks (Moment with Mr. Right Garrett and Confessions), together with Ranking prizes <3

    Fastest way to get “everything and now” is obvious: You will end up spending ~90 dollars (buying 3 daily special packs for 30 dollars each). In this case there will be no need to do daily Tasks. Definitely not for me, having economic budget for this game 😀

    If you saved diamonds, there is the way to spend less:

    • Aim for Set all at once with discount price (not in single Items one after another!) for 15.300
    • Do daily Tasks and claim all free Gifts. This way you will need less diamonds to spend but it will take 7 days to collect Gifts
    • However, you still will end up giving away 10.050 diamonds (if you buy daily 20 cheapest Caps, 20 cheapest Watches for 7 days in a row, 20 cheapest Cameras for 4 days in a row plus 9 Cameras on day 5th)
    • Avoid buying set of all 3 Gifts. It’s almost double expensive as single cheapest Gift!
    • If you ran out of diamonds and considering spending Money, Day special offer (not Top ups) will be much worth spending

    Sure, you can do mix and match of Tasks, Diamonds (and/or Money).

    PS. It’s as Devs heard us complaining about very expensive Sets and Events drowning our pockets 😀 I should admit, this Outfit is a bit less expensive than those we had lately from the start of this year. They also give us 34% free Event’s currency (we usually had only ~20%), so it’s a nice change in the game, unfortunately still not affordable for most of us. And don’t forget, this time we get exclusive birthday Story without spending a penny more!

    Garrett, happy birthday! We celebrate with you 🙂

    Danielle -24 June, 2022-

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