Caleb’s Birthday: EVENT Birthday desires

    It’s start of December and I’m sure you know what it means. That’s right! It’s time for Caleb’s birthday!

    *Get’s ready for the birthday party and rummages in the wardrobe for a new dress. Which one would be most fitting? Elegant, for sure! He will act as magnet to the eyes of every girl so I have to match him. Maybe this one?

    Ah right, thats the new Set that we can get during this new Birthday event. I heard already a lot of Ahhh and Ohhh and Wowzzza 😀

    Yeah, It’s elegant, long gown suitable for a black tie dress code.

    I’m sure this hips hugging silhouette will serve as a perfect hint to Caleb where his hands should belong tonight 😀

    Eye popping yellow won’t leave me unnoticed in the crowd.

    Old fashioned? May look at first so but if Caleb’s party has this certain theme, we will dress up accordingly. A bit of glitter, fake fur and gold will do the job just right!


    This birthday event is no different from Adrian’s birthday event so if you will follow previous guidance, you will hit the jackpot snatching this yellow fancy Set.

    And yes, as always you will need diamonds to get it because only finishing Tasks won’t be enough.

    If you spend 2h daily in the game, you will get rewards for it. If you complete ALL Tasks daily, you will get extra free rewards. They aren’t the easies ones but you can manage without extra spendings if you have saved extra resources and are at least at vip3. In 7 event days you will end up with 5600 event currency points. You can use them to get some pieces from the set or the side pieces that are also nice perk.

    If you have stubbornly made your mind on this set, save event currency points until you have enough to get the whole Set at once as it comes this way with a discount. The best deal is for 400 diamonds. Then comes any limited deal as all three of them are equal.

    • Buy event currency points daily spending 400 diamonds (3360 points for 2800 diamonds in 7 days).
    • Buy all limited Drones daily (7000 points for 8400 diamonds).
    • 1-3 event day buy all limited Gloves (1800 points for 2160 diamonds).
    • on day 4 buy 3 Gloves (90 points for 108 diamonds).

    It’s one of the ways to get this Set for a better price (17.850 points for the whole Set for 13.468 diamonds).


    As all “Birthday desire” sets, this one isn’t cheap either. So what exactly do you pay for? You would think it’s the dress. Yeah, it’s nice to have, easy to style, real eye catcher but brings not so much value if you are the one who looks for the right tags. Confused? Lost? Disappointed? Let’s look together what we’ve just got.

    Who could have thought that these 3 items would be the treasure?

    It turns out that Tag Yellow isn’t so common, especially when it comes to shoes so grab them while you can! Their price is affordable even if you don’t aim for the whole set. You can get the by collecting free points.

    Your second win-win choice is vintage slim telescopic cigarette holder- smoke filter. Not what you had hoped for? It’s stylish. It shows you status and helps you to brake social rules. Five star SB plus Party tags make you rich and elevate your wardrobe.

    Pearl cascade on your neck and on your wardrobe will have similar effect.


    Don’t forget to check out extra items that don’t belong to the Set. Usually they are real treasure and sometimes even fell under “must have”.

    Not surprisingly this time they are boosting your werewolf’s wardrobe. It’s not much but that’s an add on.

    See, they have special Tags Yellow and Formal so you will be better prepared for Fashion Show and Faceoff when these tags will show up.

    Formal tag isn’t superb common among Hair (7) so it’s a nice catch. And look at that colour and styling! you definitely will create nice outfits around it.

    There are more options for Yellow 5 star accessory but do you have already any? If not, that’s your item to have for a very good price.


    You have to know what you are looking for, otherwise you may miss it!

    That’s right! It’s new scenery!

    Have you missed snow? 😀 It won’t let you to forget that Caleb’s birthday story you unlocked during this event!

    Unfortunately you can’t buy it directly this time. It’s hidden in event’s Rank and only the ones who are placed top5 are getting it!


    We already knew we will get Login Set for this birthday as it became one of guy’s birthday signature event add-on.

    4 star set isn’t a surprise either. Kind of understandable, we get it free. Almost without any effort. You still have to login a certain amount of days and remember to claim those pieces but it’s free. No other tasks, no diamonds nor real money spending needed. So it feels like a birthday, just don’t forget to show up at the party 😀

    Set is simple. Casual. Plain. We get to use to it so gamer’s community just silently claims it and moves on. No complains, no comments, but also no joy.

    However this Set has some pieces you may want to know about.

    It’s Brown trench-coat! Brown is quite rare to come upon in this game, especially lately. Moreover, that’s the item from valuable category “Dress”. It may be a nice add-on on Garrett date 9-6 (it has only Brown tag from required 7, not much but it’s a special tag).

    White hair is another “candy” that fills not so big collection of whites in that category.

    That’s all for today.

    Let’s dress up and celebrate Caleb’s birthday! Muah, muah! Gotta run 😀

    Danielle -8 December, 2022-

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