Immortal Diaries. EVENT: Madame Fangtastic

    After a period of absence of dress up events we Finally get new one in our game! Yayyy! Only one look at it and I can’t make my mind around it to settle. Do I love this event more than I hate it? 😀 Uhh.. 😀

    I definitely LOVE the name and so many breathtaking pieces <3

    25.740 Fangtastic hearts
    most expensive Set, 28.080 Fangtastic hearts
    most valuable Items, 26.520 Fangtastic hearts
    25.740 Fangtastic hearts

    It’s all about Choices

    So why do I hate it? Because this event is mostly designed to get 1 outfit set. That means my choices are:

    • to spend fortune and get all 4 outfits (impossible with my game budget :/ ) – 8% Items get free
    • to pick 1 Set and gain for it (I really don’t wanna pick one..) – 33% Items get free
    • to aim only for some Items from various Sets (ehh.. which ones?..)

    Non matter what you decide, you will need this event’s currency – Fangtastic hearts and Discount coupons to buy any of Items.

    Coupons you get daily but they expire after 24 hours. More Coupons are available in store: make any purchases in game spending real money and you will get some coupons in event’s Store. There will be challenge to keep balance of Fangtastic hearts and free Coupons to get most of free stuff we get.

    Stuff you get Free

    As usually we get some free stuff to lure us deeper into event.

    If you aim for 1 Set, your free stuff will give 33% (8750 Fangtsatic hearts in total per 7 event days) of required amount of event currency and you may get away with free Coupons too. As you noticed, price of 1 your dream dress will be covered with free points and you may choose one more not expensive Item (like earrings).

    Complete daily tasks and get 400 Fangtastic hearts
    Stay in game longer and you will be rewarded with 850 Fangtastic hearts

    When free Fangtastic hearts aren’t enough

    However for other 8 Items from the set you will have to pay. The easiest and cheapest way is to buy Fangtastic hearts in exchange for limited diamond offer. Daily.

    Your spendings: 1000 diamonds daily for all 3 limited offers, what makes 7000 diamonds in total per 7 event days. (if we convert it to dollars, it would make ~105 dollars+daily tasks+online time).

    Note: As Madame Maroon is the most expensive Set, you will have to spend extra to get it (6 times x200 Fangtastic hearts in event Store -> 600 diamonds), but for any of other 3 Sets you will be set.

    If you aim for all 4 Sets, the last 3 sets will cost you extra ~39.600 diamonds. I can’t imagine that someone keeps such amount on hold and ready.

    To buy diamonds and spend them in such way would be a complete waste. That’s why this event is designed to spend real money (It’s even paired with Ferris Wheel to make your heart not so sore 😉

    Despite it’s written “Top up”, choose your spendings wisely. Remember, that anything you buy counts. Make your best by purchasing Bounty plan if you haven’t done so yet. Monthly or Yearly card? Maybe both? October pack to feed your Followers green Awakening sets? It’s a lot to choose from and simple top up probably takes not the top place.

    If you want Scenery/ Background

    Oh yeah, event is designed to choose one set. It holds 10 pieces. But the scenery comes only for free with 15 pieces non matter from witch Set are they. No option to buy it. No option to choose 1 scenery from two available. You will get it random. uhh.. I told you I hate some side’s of this event 😀

    If you pick 5 medium priced Items, they will cost you ~ 6.000-7.000 diamonds. Sure, if you get 3 or 4 sets, both backgrounds will be yours.

    I will dream about all sets and if you pick one Set or separate items, let’s find joy together in them <3

    Danielle -11 October, 2022-

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