Immortal Diaries: simple Contests, Strategy

    Oh right, two Contests end tonight! Have a look what prizes they offer for the highest, 1st place! Let’s snatch as much as we can!

    Contest is a contest. So why do I call these two “simple”? No, it’s not because they are about main resources (coins and water drops). I have nothing agains them. I like them. The real reason is …. Only by doing my daily Tasks I have already got ranked. Thats fun! And easy peasy! And I will get free items! Yayyy!

    Why am I not hurrying? not strategising? not spending extra dollars on them? Have a look at prizes once more. These two Contests don’t offer:

    • Followers Heart
    • EXP Pack
    • Crystal roses
    • Makeup Bag
    • green “thingies”

    Those are more valuable items in game. Besides Scrolls.

    Scrolls. Thats the reason to enter these two Contests at all. Don’t forget, Scrolls may be hidden in the blue Item Chest! You may win 10!

    I had a peak at prizes when these Contests just started but was busy and had no time for them. So if you are like me today, totally unprepared for this contest, what could you expect? What is easy achievable? Most likely you will manage to land somewhere between 11 and 50 Rank.

    In Potions Contest you may get: Scrolls, Intimacy gifts, ability Pills, Agenda and Dog food.

    • All of them put together help you to increase your Influence (not necessarily Force).
    • Additionally, Intimacy gifts help you to get more Dates with Mr. Right
    • and you step closer to owning Mr. Rights’ clothes.
    • Moreover, you will get Scroll by increasing Intimacy level with Mr. Right each time you reach certain Intimacy level.

    Coins Contest contains pretty much the same items, except instead of Intimacy gifts you are offered ability powder. Powder is twice cheaper than Pills, but it’s not random, so you are sure you will get a portion for each of 4 abilities. Very well, it’s worth to keep your abilities at similar level.

    Summa summarum, all Items you win in any of those Contests would help you to increase your Influence. Unfortunately we don’t use it in game directly as such. In other words, Items you get will grow your abilities. Translation to human language: you will be able to hoard more resources (coins, energy, water drops) in the same time.

    Which simple Contest is better?

    Both Contests are quite equal. They increase your Influence/Ability to get main resources faster.

    If I had to chose to take part (or concentrate) only in one of them, I would vote for the one which has that sweet Intimacy touch (especially at the start of the game while you are not done with all/most Dates): it opens possibility to read those spicy Dates and collect materials for Mr. Rights’ outfit Sets which will boost abilities significantly and increase my Influence in a long run instead of giving instant but smaller effect (like in this Coin Contest).


    • You aim to get as much as possible Scrolls! What if you end up only with 1? One is better than 0!
    • To win Coins Contest you have to spend as much as possible Coins. That means, to level up Followers because thats pretty much the only way where you can spend them. Easy, quick, efficient. How to get more Coins? Read my article “Immortal Diaries. Beginners Guide: Coins, Energy, Drops, Ability” to find the whole list of hints where coins are hidden in game.
    • To win in Potions Contest produce Energy in Study –> Routines –> Replenish. You can get more attempts by using Agenda. Before collecting energy, don’t forget to level up Followers with strong Stamina and Creation abilities (ha! Coins Contest comes here in hand! 😉 ). Boosting ability stars can be beneficial but I don’t recommend doing that unless you have Scrolls Competition at the same time. In this case you may want to use blue and orange Scrolls on the first day.

    However, if you seek to be in Top 10:

    • you should expect competition (not so harsh like in main Contests but still..)
    • you may want to stock coins in advance (I spent only coins I collected during 1 day). Can you imagine your result after 3 days?
    • If you saved coins for several days, use coin boosters (x0,3, x0,6, x2..) on the last day when your coin stack is the largest
    • use Agenda to be able to collect resources more times.

    GL to win little battles!

    Danielle -4 May, 2022-

    Updated in evening. Contests just ended and I hurry up to share my Rank as proof of 1 days effort. I ended up in Rank 26 & 15. All I did, collected resources in Routines and levelled up a few Followers, basically spent all Coins.

    Danielle -4 May, 2022-

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