Greetings!  I thank you for visiting this page. Your interest in my stories makes my life brighter and joyful, motivates me to write more and quicker. Your feedback on FB page or Instagram “Vivid Stories” is always welcome, your insights help me improve. Though I can’t promise that I’ll change the line of the story, I’m curious what are your guesses/opinion especially on ongoing story.

If you are wondering who is behind those stories. It’s me, VIVID: loving wife, mom of two rebelling kids trying to survive a tense time of homeschooling, HR & happiness manager by day, novelist by night, dreamer. My way to writing came naturally and easy during COVID-time when everybody were locked at their houses. As so many words and ideas battled on my mind lately, I decided to write them down on the digital paper and share with you. My real name means Life, so no matter what obstacles lying on the way, my woman-heroes strive to live. They love and hate. Passionately. They crave for what is forbidden. They run, ignore, refuse to accept. They fight, look for any way out, make friends and conquer enemies. They make mistakes and deal with their own insecurities. They build a different future.

I feel very proud and happy that you actually read and enjoy my work. Thank you for that!

On this site you will always find an assortment of my already written romantic stories and future projects. Currently I am starting to work on the new book. Oh, yes, more love, more passion, more adventure! Pick one eBook now, press on the picture of the book and enjoy free reading!

Mua, with love, your VIVID