Immortal Diaries. Puzzle of Love: Dark Fables

    Four months and one more 4 Story Event is back into our Immortal Diaries! This time those are dark, twisted, based on fairytales. At least is promised so to us 😀 Let’s check it out our Limited library shelf in MOMENTS:

    Oh yeah, all of them look so alluring! <3 However all pictures above are only a teaser as to get Stories itself you will have to follow a few steps:

    1.Complete Tasks +buy extra puzzle pieces
    2.Drag puzzle pieces to complete puzzle +get Snapshot
    3.Buy extra Keys +unlock acts +read Story

    What’s new?

    Event started only today and gamers community is already buzzing that this 5 day event is a money grabber. To be honest, it has been never affordable to f2p nor friendly for those who play using economic budget (less than 30 dollars/month). Let’s check it out differences:

    • Event lasts for 7 days
    • 4 Stories
    • 4 puzzles
    • 1 puzzle= 30 puzzle pieces
    • Each Mr. Right gives you 5 Tasks= 20 Tasks in total
    • 20 completed Tasks= 40 puzzle pieces (1/3 of total required for all stories)
    • 40 puzzle pieces: 10 for each Mr. Right
    • Extra puzzle piece can be bought for 180 diamonds
    • Snapshot doesn’t unlock Story
    • Keys required to unlock Story Acts
    • get 10 Keys for completing 1 puzzle
    • extra 70 Keys can be bought for 30 dollars
    • Event lasts for 5 days
    • 4 Stories
    • 4 puzzles
    • 1 puzzle= 30 puzzle pieces
    • Independent 30 Tasks, not connected to any Mr. Right in particular
    • 30 completed Tasks= 60 puzzle pieces (1/2 of total required for all stories)
    • 60 puzzle pieces: you get for random Mr. Right
    • Extra puzzle piece can be bought for 180 diamonds
    • Snapshot doesn’t unlock Story
    • Keys required to unlock Story Acts
    • get 10 Keys for completing 1 puzzle
    • extra 70 Keys can be bought for 30 dollars

    It’s obvious that this current event is shorter and has more Tasks to complete. Along comes: we will use more Resources and spend more Time to complete these Tasks.

    Meanwhile we will spend less diamonds for extra puzzle pieces as we need this time only 56 to buy to have all 4 completed big puzzles: 56 x 180=10.080 diamonds. This is the price for 4 Snapshots.



    • Interrogate 200
    • 40 Flirt
    • 70 Train Followers
    • 3 Debate
    • 300 Pet Satiety
    • 5 Forge
    • Increase Intimacy to 200
    • Send 20 Gifts
    • Use 5 Scrolls
    • 50 Silver Cards
    • Date 30 times
    • Date 40 times


    • 150 Travels
    • 10 Dispatch (2/day if you have 1)
    • 25 Plant (5/day if you have 1 planting spot)
    • Consume 10k Fondness
    • Use 10 Love Balloons
    • Use 10 Gold cards
    • Send 100 Flowers
    • Send 150 Flowers
    • Date 60 times (12/day)
    • Buy 2 Giftpacks at Store
    • Use 10 Fertilisers
    • Use 1 /2 /3 reset watch(es)

    Easy, but CAN’T BE DONE IN 1 DAY

    • Obtain 25 Carrots (depends on your day limit and friends activity)
    • Greet 3 times (limited to 1/day)
    • 2 Alliance Build (limited to 1/day)
    • 20 Faceoff attempts (4/day. Limited to 15/day if you spend diamonds)

    I assume you always keep some extra resources in your Bag so most of the tasks you will complete without much effort especially if you join this game twice to four times a day and you aren’t newbie.

    However some of challenging Tasks will be easier for you if you:

    • have more Dispatch teams (helps to reach Dispatch score + you collect flower Seeds and Gifts)
    • have more Flower beds (flower grows 3h)
    • collect silver cards (in Magicarium store)
    • if you use all free Date attempts daily (chance to get Love Balloons)

    So many people ask what Packs they should buy to complete “Buy 2 Giftpacks at Store“. You will find them at Item Store under “Sales” (don’t mix up with vip Packs as they don’t count!!)

    As you see these packs aren’t so cheap. The lowest price is 288 diamonds for 1 pack and you will need 2 (576 diamonds in total).

    ALTERNATIVE #1: I would suggest to buy 2 puzzle pieces instead of 2 packs: 2×180 = 360 diamonds.

    ALTERNATIVE #2: In event’s page go to “FAVORS” and send your friend a Love piece. By giving one to your friend, you also receive one! To make this work even better, make a deal with your friend: you both send 1 Love piece to each other, so you both will receive 2 puzzle pieces. Limited to 1 send/receive per day!

    You don’t have Keys? You may buy 1 Key/day in Item shop for 150 diamonds. That’s a better deal than to buy puzzle piece itself for 180. It’s also better than to buy puzzle piece for 2 Keys in event Store 😉

    Some things can be bought if you don’t have enough:

    • reset watch (in item Store- limited to 1/day, 200 diamonds)
    • flowers (99 for 99 diamonds, unlimited)
    • flower seeds (in Garden store)
    • fertiliser (in Alliance store for 100 contribution points AND in Garden store for 100 diamonds)
    • pills and powder used to Train followers (in Fashion Show shop), herbs (in Online rewards when you spend 30 min and more in game)
    • scrolls ( 1)scraps in exchange store at Limited 3 day events; 2)in Bounty plan exchange store -max 10; 3)in item Store -limited to 1/day, 600 diamonds AND 4)in vip Packs for a better price; 5)as Daily Top up gift)
    • gold cards (in Bounty plan – max 10; 15 cards in Rose Bank’s vip4 and up monthly giftpack for 10 US dollars; 10 cards in Rose Bank’s peerage giftpack for 30 US dollars)
    • balloons (in daily special deal along with KEYS; 12 balloons in Rose Bank’s peerage giftpack for 5 US dollars)
    • lipsticks (to help you to get on more Dates)

    Keep in mind that everything you buy adds to 10.080 diamonds you will spend for extra puzzle pieces.

    To read the obtained Story you will be asked to use KEYS to unlock its acts. Usually it’s 80 Keys/Story. 10 Keys you will get by collecting all puzzle pieces into big puzzle. 70 keys you can get from Daily Special deal for 30 dollars. It’s limited to 1/day so if you want them for each Story, buy them each day. Your spending will be 4 x 30 = 120 dollars to have enough Keys for 4 Stories.

    I want only 1 Story of 4

    As this time we get puzzle pieces for random Mr. Right, I can’t tell you what your exact spendings will be but you do!

    Do daily tasks and collect what you can. You always can spend money and diamonds on the last event day.

    On the last event day count how many missing puzzle pieces you need and ask Alexa to multiply it by 180. Let’s say you collected 12 puzzle pieces for the Story you want to own. That means you are missing 18 (30-12): 18 x 180 = 3.240 diamonds.

    Be aware that by collecting all puzzle pieces for 1 book you will obtain only Snapshot (book cover). To read Story you will need Keys to unlock story acts. 10 Keys you will get by collecting all puzzle pieces but the rest you will have/had to save or you can buy in Daily special deal. Usually it’s 30 US dollars per 1 Story.

    Let’s pick a book/Story and let’s gooooo! 😀

    Danielle -17 Jan, 2023-

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