Immortal Diaries. Beginners Guide: get most of your Daily tasks

    You play daily already a couple of weeks and know the list of tasks by heart so now you wonder, what is this buzz all about. Is it here really anything you can do to get more resources? Yes! Keyword is order, you do dailies!

    My day starts with Immortal Diaries. I find my morning routine efficient so I hope it will bring you ideas what you can do better 🙂 I follow 4 easy steps:

    1. Make the timer spin! During night you maxed out all the spots so they don’t generate more resources. I don’t hurry to collect all resources, I only trigger the timer by tapping ONCE in each of these four:
      • Study -> 1 in each Resources (to win time to collect herbs and pills)
      • Study -> 1 Affair
      • Mr. Right -> 1 Flirt (time to collect gifts and increase Intimacy)
      • 1 quick Date (to be able to do more without buying lipsticks)
    Trigger timer

    2. Pick up gifts, flower seeds, herbs and pills:

    • Travel: collect seeds & gifts, send away again (timer is set for 8h)
    • Dispatch: collect gifts, set new ones (travel time varies but you trigger it)
    • Black Market (herbs, pills, gifts, diamonds.. depending on your Morale level)
    • 1st Debate + 1 Mischief (to trigger 30 min timer for Debates)
    • BAG: flower/ scroll synthesis
    • Welfare, free Gift Box in Store and free Pack in Rose Bank (they have dog collars and shopping items!)
    Pick up

    3. Use what you just collected and don’t forget to “collect ALL“:

    • in Mr. Right:
      • first, give gifts
      • up skills
      • then Flirt ALL (to get more Intimacy)
    • in Follower:
      • first, Train (you may use ability Scroll now)
      • then Level up (to get more Influence)
    • in Study Routines and Affairs: claim ALL (by levelling up your Follower(s) you increase your 4 abilities and they instantly start to generate more coins, energy, force)
    • Garden:
      • pick Harvest, plant seeds (you trigger one more 3h timer)
      • collect adult dog/ shop for new one (look for playmates later if you have to dress up for Dates)
      • feed dogs (200/100 Satiety)
    • Date as much as you get free (don’t leave it for later. Remember, it has timer as well!)
    Attention to sequence

    4. Then comes time for Goodies and Fun!

    • collect diamonds
    • spend diamonds in Alliance (+ Boss fight)
    • Magicarium (get silver cards, if possible)
    • Alchemy Forge (NEW! it became Daily Task after update, 15 Sept, 2022)
    • Rose Mall (use silver/gold cards to get new outfit items) -> Club (maybe you can upgrade outfit using new clothes?)-> Fashion Show
    • Contest, Spec Events, Bounty plan, Playmates, Story, rest of Debates and Dates
    Diamonds and FUN

    If you do any better, I would appreciate sharing 😀

    Danielle -11 May, 2022-

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