Immortal Diaries. Pets: Playmates & Collars

    There is sweet BONUS which comes with your Pet! You can find Playmate for your dog and get Influence of the dog you didn’t grow! Awesome!! Riiiiight, the is a catch.. Surprise comes in shape of dog Collar 😀 Let’s leave it for later (scroll down if you are in a hurry) because I’m sure you have at least one in your Bag.

    Just look at them! Aren’t they cute together? 😀

    Awwww, I agree! Let’s find a friend for your dog!

    • Garden –> Pet –> Playhouse –> Playmates –> Lone Dog. That’s the place where your Adult dogs land and spend their days.
    • Playhouse –> Make Friends –> Choose a playmate. There you get a list of dogs who are looking for friends on your server. If you have more than one, you can pick the one you like and click “Choose”. Make sure you have ready suitable collar.

    Oh, nooo.. What if available dog list is empty?

    • try later. List refreshes a few times a day. Dogs are in high demand!
    • check World Chat. Maybe someone looks for playmate in there?
    • active search: ask in World Chat, your friends and your alliance members (usually they are more helpful)
    • Playhouse –> Make Friends –> Seek a playmate –> Search entire city

    When you KNOW WHO HAS A DOG for you:

    Playhouse –> Make Friends –> Seek a playmate

    • tick “Seek a playmate”
    • enter players ID number (or go to that players profile and copy-paste it)
    • “Confirm”

    That’s it! Your application is sent!

    Once again, collar should be ready to be able to send the application. Your future playmates owner will have 3h to approve it. You can cancel it any time (bottom right corner, tap on broken heart which appears after you send an application).

    PS. I’m sure, some of you already noticed that I’m not applying atm. Why? For a few reasons:

    • I don’t have suitable collar
    • not matching breed (most players prefer to match dogs of the same breed because they are more or less the same level)
    • our dogs Influence score is quite different (in this case it would be beneficial to me, but I won’t. I’m not so desperate and not looking for enemies :D)

    NO LUCK?

    Don’t worry. Leave them in playhouse and try the next day.

    Psst.. More chances to find playmate will occur on first Influence Contest day. Keep an eye out! 😉


    If you had no luck to find playmate in the City or you cancel (or your friend didn’t approve) your application, Collar comes back via email! Check it even if there is no exclamation mark!

    Where to get COLLARS?

    Collars are essential when you look for playmates. There are 5 types of them:

    • White is for 1 star dog
    • Green for 2 star dog
    • Blue – 3 star dog
    • Purple – 4 star dog
    • Red bow is for 5 star dog

    Where to get?

    Life is unfair when it comes to Collars.. White collars are most common to get. Where to look for?

    • single one white comes daily in Store –> Item Store –> Discount –> Free Box
    • sometimes one white once a week pops in Sign-in (in Welfare)
    • during mini-game time in Exchange (white, green, blue)
    • sometimes in Task –> Timed Reward (white, green, blue)
    • hidden one white in Rose Bank –> Discount –> Free Box
    • Bounty Plan (finally the place! 49 white ones! looks like jack pot, right?! 😀)
    • hmmm.. I thought I will never say that but here we go.. affordable in Store –> Item Store (?!)
    • BLUE Collars are in Alliance (Lv5!) Store

    Are you already sulking? 😀 Most of us do!

    TIP: Try Collar Synthesis in your Bag:

    It doesn’t solve the problem but at least there is way to get them 🙂 What can I say, Immortal Diaries dogs are luxury and collars are pain in the ass 😀

    Danielle -7 May, 2022-

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