Immortal Diaries. EVENT: Penetralia Astrologer, Tips

    We’ve seen something similar on New Year and now this Event is back with funny sounding name and gorgeous sexy purple Set! As addition we get free horoscope daily for the 5 upcoming event days!

    As you already noticed, there are no Tasks this time, that means.. yes, you understand it right, that means spending. Hope, you have already saved bunch of diamonds as without them you can get only 2 items from the Set Penetralia Atlas (3 items at most if you will cover difference with 440 diamonds). What’s more, you will be not allowed to choose which Item to get as Constellations unlock one after another.

    There are alternative, a bit cheaper gifts you can get if you decide, you are not interested in new Set. Check out them in “Universal Gifts”. These accessories are 5 star “nice to have” items and some of them hold high Style Tags. Have you seen? There is a tattoo among them! How cool!

    If you decided that you would love to get any items from this Event, the currency is Star Clusters (Stars) that you need for the illumination of Zodiac constellations or Universal Gifts. That’s how you get them FREE:

    • collect them at exact times twice a day simply by tapping button in “Star Conjurer” (600 Stars twice a day)
    • read horoscope once a day (390 Star Clusters) in “Divination”
    • exchange Coins every day to Star Clusters (300 Star Clusters daily) in “Universal Store”. You will need 1 Billion Coins in total during these 5 event days so just don’t forget to come back and collect them in time. Coins are free to get and I’m sure you already know you collect them in Study-> Routines-> Work.
    Horoscope = 390 Stars
    All Constellations = 45k Stars
    Extra rewards in 1 constellation

    By illuminating all constellations you will get new Set AND some other prizes as well:

    • Avatar
    • Background
    • 30 Mystery Scrolls, 18 of them come from Scroll scraps (increase your Influence)
    • 72 Attributes Pills (each contains 5000 random attributes and increases your Influence)
    • 10 Silver and 11 Gold Cards (more clothes and higher Influence score)

    I should admit, it’s a very welcoming and desirable package of goodies <3

    But is it worth spending precious diamonds?

    I hear you! You just said it’s expensive. Mmmm, Yes, it is. On the other hand, it’s not the most expensive Event we have on this game. Sooo.. is it worth to spend diamonds this time? If you have already read my articles, you know that I play on economic budget and I’m super careful about when and where to spend. I say, yes, this time spending is worth and there is why:

    • this five star set has 5 items with those special Tags (exotic, royal, date, fantasy, blue) that are harder to get and they definitely enrich your wardrobe
    • moreover, 2 items have special Tag + 2 exact style Tags you need for Adrian date 6-6 and Marcus date 7-6! Remember, just yesterday you were sighing how to pass them with better score and get these Mr. Right clothing materials? That’s it! Here they are! I couldn’t believe when I saw. We usually don’t get them.. Like, never 😀
    • Pssst, this set gives you 19% Travel reward. Oh yeah, this rate is high and rare 😉
    Adrian Date 6-6
    Marcus Date 7-6

    How much?

    I already simp 😀 What about you? 😀 Do you already ask “How much? Do we have enough diamonds in our bags ready?” That’s what it’s worth to check before you even start this Event. You definitely don’t wanna stick at 7 or 9 constellation because you run out of diamonds. If that happens, only Top ups can help you as diamond usage gives you back just a bit diamonds in Timed Rewards.

    The whole set requires 45k Stars, what makes it worth ~16k diamonds if you decide to get the Outfit at the last minute of this event. However it will be cheaper to collect free Stars you can get and buy Stars at better rate daily in “Universal Store”.

    • Horoscope reading gives you 390 Stars daily (1.950 Stars total) – FREE
    • Exchange for Coins gives you 300 Stars/day (1.500 Stars total) – FREE
    • Certain times login daily brings you 600×2= 1.200 Stars (6.000 total) – FREE
    • buying Stars at Discount price for 1600 diamonds/day = 5.400 Stars/day (27k total)
    • 8.550 Stars still will be missing so Extra 3.100 diamonds on the last Event day will be required to finish illuminating of the whole Universe.

    Your diamond spending reaches 11.100 diamonds total (5k diamonds less than buying the Set the last minute) because you collect 21% Stars you get free.

    Happy saving, if you can wait 5 days ;D

    Danielle -10 June, 2022-

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