Immortal Diaries: EASY Dress up Guide

    Fashion Show catwalk

    I tell you a secret: you don’t have to spend fortune in Rose Mall to own most of the clothes in game to be placed higher in Fashion Show or Project Faceoff! Do you remember those annoying Dates you can’t pass for weeks? Now everything is possible! How?! When you dressing up, do it smart and spend a bit more time in your Wardrobe than you usually do.

    If you follow these simple rules, your dressing up score will go up just like mine did:

    From score: 30198
    To score: 37647

    Basic rules

    Step 1: Dress up. Use Items with 2 (sometimes 3) Tags that are given to you. In my case it’s Luxury-Unisex.

    Step 2: After your first dress up, always check what are those 4 extra Tags. They play more important role than you thought 😉 In my case they are: Trendy, Sexy, Cute, Summer.

    Step 3: Go to your Wardrobe to check VALUE of Items you own (“Dress up” –> “Wardrobe”). Never skip this Step! Read more in detail below.

    Step 4: Dress up to get higher score. Don’t forget, you have only 3 chances in fashion Show to do that! Practice and master your skills in Project Faceoff.

    Simple guidance in Wardrobe

    Everyone knows that the best items have 5* AND hold both main Tags (like Luxury, Trendy, Unisex, Cute..). The ideal Item will have all that + special Tag (like Royal, Exotic, Blue, Purple, Green..) in harder contests.

    But what to do if you don’t have that ideal item? No worries, most of us don’t have 😉 There are a few advices that you can easily help you to reach higher score without being the math wizard:

    • Give priority to the Item with special Tag WHEN this Tag is required. But it’s not Trendy, nor preferred Elegant?! Not a problem because Item with required special Tag (royal, exotic, pink, green..) will give you way better score than Item without it even if it will hold both other Tags! Let’s say you need Yellow, Trendy, Elegant and your choices are:
    Your pick #3 (SB)
    Your 1st pick (Yellow+SB)
    Your 2nd pick (Yellow)
    Your pick #4 (SC)
    • Chose 5* Item with required Tag rated S. It will perform the best. Less points you collect from 5* A -> B -> C, then D (D gives you least points)

    C performs poor comparing with B. That’s why in the upper example your 3rd choice would be hair on your far left (SB), leaving the ones on your far right #4 (SC).

    • However, if you have 5* B or A, check 4* Items. 4* S Item will be most likely better than 5* A or B. Let’s say you need Trendy and your choices are:
    5* A
    Your pick= 4* S
    • Don’t be hooked by this common mistake! 3* or 2* Item that has both required Tags. You happily pick it. Stop. In most cases 5* Item with 1 required Tag rated S will give you more points. Let’s say you need Casual-Cute:
    3* SB
    Your best bet=5*S

    Advanced level Dress up

    It often happens that you have 2 or more very similar items and can’t decide which one would be the best. How to guess which item will give you better score without using formula? That’s when those mysterious 4 extra tags come in hand. If you use them, you will brake upper rules and will elevate your dress up score even higher. How?

    Let’s say your main Tags are Luxury-Unisex and from all your dresses in your wardrobe these 4 are your best choices:

    #4 (A<S)

    All of them have 5* rating. All of them have 1 matching tag (Luxury). So.. how to know which one is the best and why?

    The next thing you are looking for is S. That makes blue royal dress to drop off the competition (#4) as it has only A that gives us less points comparing with S.

    What Tags do we have rated B in my example? Elegant -Summer – Summer. My 4 extra Tags are: Trendy, Sexy, Cute and Summer. If one of them is rated B, you will get a load of points. That means, Summer rated B will give me more points than Elegant B. Green dress gets out of competition (#3) as it has elegant in B.

    Two dresses compete now: black VS purple. Let’s count how many extra (Trendy, Sexy, Cute and Summer) and main Tags (Luxury, Unisex) are in their D level. Black dress has Cute (1 Tag rated D). Purple dress has Sexy, Cute, Unisex (3 Tags rated D). Each extra and main Tag in D generates points for your outfit (way less than S, A, B or C but at least you get any points and that’s better than 0). That’s said, our winner is purple dress.

    Good to know: this method isn’t ideal as we don’t use formula to count the exact score but it’s fast and easy to use. Just keep in mind that slip up like this one (rarely but still) hides around the corner:

    S (Unisex) +D (Luxury)
    A(Luxury)+ B(Trendy) +DDD(Unisex, Cute, Summer)

    In this case 5*S performs poorly in comparison with 5*A+B+DDD that has 5 out of 6 matching Tags in right positions.

    May forces keep your dress up spirit high 😀

    Danielle -22 Aug 2022-

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