Immortal Diaries. Beginners Guide: Pets

    Awwww! They are cute! They are adorable! They are your treasure in Immortal Diaries! Even if you are not a doggy person, it’s a must to adopt them in game because they help to grow your Influence.

    There are 5 breeds of dogs available in game:

    Papillon ———- Golden Retriever
    Husky —————– Corgi

    You can give a unique name to your dog! Or take the random one game you suggests.

    Despite you are not allowed to chose which one to own, eventually you will get all of them as you progress further on Queens Path and you don’t have to wait long! You get random breed when you visit Mr. Right and go with him shopping.

    To be able to shop with Mr. Right, you have to use one of 3 items or pay in diamonds (they get more expensive, once you buy 1-2 in one day. Price resets the next day. Thanx gods or devs! 😀 ).


    1. Cup of Coffee (it grants you 10% chance to get the dog):

    • one is hidden in daily Task 2nd Chest
    • second one you find in Store –> Item Store –> Discount –> Free Box

    2. Perfume Blooming bouquet (20% chance to get the dog):

    • it’s hidden in daily Task 3rd Chest
    • you get one a day from 2h Online Rewards (in Welfare)
    • in Bounty Plan (Reward)

    3. Phone (guarantees the dog owning) is hard to get:

    • check Bounty Plan (Rewards AND Exchange)
    • sign-in in Welfare (from time to time)
    • during some events/ mini-games/ Daily special


    You have to feed puppies to make use of them! Don’t keep them hungry if you wish to get more Influence! Keep their satiety full! It can hit 200 😉

    What if you don’t feed them? Don’t be afraid, they won’t die, only be very sad and unhappy so you will end up with extra low Influence. Plus an awkwardly low chance to find friend for your lonely dog. Nuuuu… don’t be meanie..

    Dog food comes in a strange way. Looks like our dogs are vegetarians 😀 Go to Garden –> Pet Store and exchange Flowers (roses don’t count) from your Garden into Dog Food. The better flowers, the better dog food, the longer your dog can stay unfed and grow your Influence.

    Extra Dog food you can get:

    • win Debates
    • Bounty Plan (a tiny bit)
    • alliance Contest
    • buy in Store –> Item Store –> Discount (pay in diamonds, not for economic budget)


    Dog growth has 3 stages: Puppy, Teen and Adult.

    Canned food won’t make your dog sat but it will increase your dogs EXP so your dog will grow faster. It’s not easy to get it but there is way.. or two:

    • Bounty Plan
    • alliance Contest
    • can be bought in Store –> Item Store –> Discount/ VIP Pack (in Pet Box and Pet Chest – pay in diamonds, not for economic budget)


    1. First you get Golden retrievers and Papillons. Golden retrievers grow fastest but bring you least Influence.

    2. Papillons can reach 2 stars and will give you more Influence but at the same time will be cheaper than Goldens because both those breads require the same white collar.

    3. Then white fluffy Samoyed steps into game. It can reach 3 stars and requires green collar. Yes. It costs more than white one.

    4. That’s why you dream to get brown cute Corgi. It reaches easy 3 stars and is happy with green collar. Pssst, it can give you more Influence if will hit four stars!

    5. Husky is the kings breed. Wanna be rich? Try to get those!

    It’s easy to notice that your chances to get better dog grow together with your EXP in Queens Path. However, your dogs hit more stars and are capable to accumulate more Influence when you grow Intimacy with Mr. Right. When you get a dog, this little scale shows where you stand:

    As you see, Playful Samoyed will be more capable than Clever Samoyed (if fed right). Clumsy Samoyed may be equal to Clever Corgi.

    Yeahhh, Immortal Diaries dogs are needy like real ones (pay diamonds to get one, grow flowers and feed regularly) but they are worth your efforts so go and get at least one! <3

    Danielle -7 May, 2022-


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