Immortal Diaries. Influence Contest, Tips

    Influence Contest is one of main contests on the game and brings RICH prizes. You can expect Influence contest with break intervals of 8 and 4 days changing each other flawlessly. First Contest comes together with Pet and Gardening contests. Then follows 4 days break. Second one is paired with Ability and Rose Mall contests followed by 8 days break till the next one.

    Have a look at 1st place prizes:

    • Queen title! OWO direct ticket to the palace!
    • blue chest on legs with Make up inside! O M G! Gimme, gimme!
    • blue chest with possible Scrolls inside!
    • Followers hearts to get those luring pimped Followers
    • Crystal Roses! Oh, yes, yes, more clothes!
    • a lot of Green sets! Ooooh, we NEED them!
    • EXP pack to move you faster through Queens Path
    • Influence and energy boosters

    Are you still breathing? 😀 Yes! Yes! We all want them and that’s what makes this contest so competitive and hard to win.

    If you are one of the leading persons on your game server, you already know what to do 😀 And the rest of us come in with: “I never win anything..”, “It’s impossible to win..”, “Everything is meant only for high spenders”.. Can you relate? 😀

    Let’s stop sulking and do something about getting more! If you play with economic budget it’s almost impossible to get to Top3, but it’s very realistic to be in Top10 – Top50. And now comes the right question, how? 😀


    There are 4 important parts: Followers, Skills, Dogs and Clothes. That’s what you can do to up your chances:

    • Train Followers before levelling up
      • save Herbs, Pills and co. if there is no Influence Contest. How? Use daily only the minimum requirement for daily tasks and save the rest for Influence Contest
      • during Influence contest Train those Followers that you will level up (it gives you instant Influence boost)
    • LEVEL UP Followers with the highest influence score already
      • 1 Follower or 1-4 Followers, depending on your game strategy
    • Up Mr. Right SKILLS
      • Intimacy contest where we give gifts to the guys always comes first so most of us does that mistake and up Mr. Right skills as well. Give gifts but DON’T up skills! Save all the points (next to two blue little hearts) and spend them during Influence contest
      • Higher Intimacy level gives you more Influence
    • Find PLAYMATES for your Dogs
      • that means, you have to have already a bunch of dogs ready to look for playmate. Shop for dogs way earlier and grow them. One of Influence Contest comes together with Pet Contest. Use that time to find friends for your dogs too! Main Influence score comes from finding Playmate.
      • Tip #1. Getting a dog gives you a bit of influence. Shop for dog with the Mr. Right you have the highest Intimacy. It gives you better chances to get better dogs (You say bullshit! And I agree, there is no 100% guarantee, but at least there is a chance).
      • Tip #2. Dog’s rising satiety also gives you a bit of influence. Keep it always higher than 100/100 so your Influence grows faster.
      • Tip #3. Dogs collars are always an issue for a higher star dogs. Make sure you have plenty at ready. You can get at better prices during Juice mini-game and some contests/events, alliance Store, Item Shop, Bounty plan.
      • Tip #4. Find loyal group of people who grow valuable dogs and are willing to trade with you during Influence Contest. Finding a (suitable) playmate is often also a job.
    train & level up Followers
    increase Mr. Right Skills
    find Playmate
    • CLOTHES. It’s important part of Influence contest, not the cheapest one but fun:
    Rose Mall
    Enhance Set

    Second Influence contest is paired with Rose Mall contest. Every new piece of Clothes brings you Influence points. Don’t forget daily to collect your Silver cards so you can use them during those two Contests.

    Enhance Sets in Fashion Display. It’s very fast and very effective way to grow your Influence but also probably the most expensive. It costs diamonds and other materials you get from Magicarium Store and Disassembling repetitive clothes.

    What if Rose Mall contest is over? Where to get more Clothes?

    • You can buy Clothes in Contest Shop (barter for Crystal Roses).
    • Fashion Show Boutique also offers Items to buy (barter currency here is Rose Trophy you get for participating in fashion Show)
    • Fashion Shop in Store
    • Project Faceoff Shop in Club (currency – Butterfly Quartz)
    • Some Clothes you get from the Story stages by passing them
    • not quick to get: don’t forget about Mr. Right clothes (if you have enough required materials you collect from Dates)
    • not quick to get: Some Sets come by achieving required stage on Queens Path
    • only for VIP: some VIP levels grant you with the whole beautiful Set
    • 1 Set in each Bounty Plan: you do tasks to collect Items from the set
    • EVENTS always grant you with gorgeous Sets. Price depends on events type
    Queens Path set
    VIP set
    Bounty Plan set
    Events set

    I’ve already got comment why do I share this secret info 😀 Sorry to disappoint you, but it never was a secret, we only had to know where to look for. For others I wish all the best to achieve higher Rank and claim better rewards 😉

    Danielle -31 May, 2022-


    You tell me if it works 😉

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