Immortal Diaries: VIP Followers. Affordable?

    It’s nice to have a strong, loyal and supporting team to help you to achieve your goals. It’s great when you befriend Celebrities, they show off at your party and give a hand when needed. What about real game changers? Do you want them?

    As in real life, the dream team won’t be cheap so let’s check it out if we can afford it (I know, not all of us are the richest people in the world.)

    First, a sneak peak at what we would be getting?

    1st Top up —- vip 2
    vip 6 —- vip 4
    vip 8

    Sophie and Eric are the first ones payed Followers you get. If you buy them at the start of the game they may look like nice ones to get. Eric helps you a lot as he has stronger Force ability (6 stars) in comparison with your other young followers and stands shoulder to shoulder with your Morgan and Mary battle team. Sophie helps you to get coins more quickly so you can level up your followers.

    Vip 4 and vip 6 bring you two followers that are more powerful than any of rare Followers. Professor Nina comes with boosted Force (11 ability stars) and brings you coins (11 stars). Cheerleader Ebony is awesome too. She has higher Force (12 stars) and is a ball of energy (13 stars). Oh yeah, now I want those VIP Followers. Do you?

    At vip 8 steps in Jace. Oh, look at his chiseled muscles UwU That’s a guy you don’t want to mess around: powerful (16 Force stars), rich (12 Social stars) and stamina is long-lasting (100 stars). Mmm.. real candy boy.. I would say he is as equal as any Talented Follower.

    Ready for the GAME CHANGERS? Hold your breaths! 😀

    vip 12
    vip 13
    vip 14
    vip 15
    vip 16

    All of them come as powerful fist. They have very strong Force ability (28-50 stars), are twice as powerful than Talented Followers. Not fare? Most of us working our asses to get our best so I know.. but the best things come rare in life for free.

    Just like rare and talented Followers, each of vip Followers has second boosted ability. Eden and Arbaarz give you an extra energy (28 and 48 Stamina ability stars accordingly) while Cassius, Iris and Naomi have strong Social ability (34, 40 and 61 Social ability stars accordingly).


    Can you afford any of them? Will it be a fortune as it sounds at a first sign?

    To vip 1 (Sophie) = ~5 dollars

    To vip 2 (Eric) = extra 10 dollars (1 Bounty Plan), plus you get your first 680 Top up prize = ~15 dollars in total

    To vip 4 (Nina) = extra 70 dollars (plus 7 Bounty Plans if you decide to by only them each month after your first Top up) = ~85 dollars in total

    To vip 6 (cheerleader Ebony) = ~368 dollars in total (~30 dollars each month for a year OR ~60 dollars/month for a half year)

    To get these 4 followers and that muscular guy Jace at vip 8 would take ~100 dollars/month for the whole year.

    It’s up to you what will be your decision. Even if you decide to stay f2p it’s worth knowing what your competitors have in store for you 😉

    Danielle -10 May, 2022-


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