Immortal Diaries. EVENT Asterismal Senses: Gemini

    I love when the day starts with a new event in our game! Here you go, Asterismal senses (or in other words – Zodiac) event is back bringing to most of us wished Gemini set!

    Just look at it! It gives me that perfect Cruella vibe in black and white. I love this taken twist in her image to expose dual Gemini side and the puppet string dolls are here subtile but hard and necessary ammunition. I send extra karma points to the one who came up with this idea <3


    Rules are not new for this event. To get it will be easy if you are ready to spend diamonds because that is the way you get Stardusts and claim the set.

    For the ones who wish to save a bit of diamonds, there is daily divination that brings you 391 stardusts. As addition to it, you are welcome to claim twice a day other free stardusts at a set timeframes. 1M coins will bring you another portion of event currency. All of this won’t be enough for the Gemini set but you might want to check out “Asterismal Wishes” and get some nice new stuff for your wardrobe.

    If you stubbornly set yourself a goal to claim the Set (and scenery) you will have to illuminate all 11 asterisms (12, if you aim for the scenery as well) one by one to get all the pieces from new Set.

    There is how you spend less

    All 5 event days you collect everything what’s given free and buy everything what has limited offer:

    • 20 times x 15 Stardusts x 5 days = 1.500 stardusts (1M coins)
    • 20 times x 45 Stardusts x 5 days = 4.500 stardusts (100 diamonds in 5 days)
    • 20 times x 75 stardusts x 5 days = 7.500 stardusts (2000 diamonds in 5 days)
    • 20 times x 150 stardusts x 5 days = 15.000 stardusts (5000 diamonds in 5 days)

    On the last day of event there will be extra spendings depending on what you are wishing to get:

    • buy 280 stardusts x 18 times to get the last piece of Gemini set (illuminate 11 asterisms);
    • OR buy 280 stardusts x 31 times to claim the SET + Scenery (illuminate 12 asterisms).

    That makes 8.900 diamond price for the Set OR 10.200 diamonds for the set+scenery. Don’t forget, daily divination, free claims twice a day and 1M coin spending are a must to stay within this price range.

    Claim 600 stardusts twice a day
    Use all Limited offers daily
    Stardusts illuminate Zodiac sky

    If you rely on top ups, they will save you a bit of diamonds, but not so much (example: 19.99 dollar spending will give you 7.200 stardusts while in total to illuminate 12 asterisms you would need 45.000 stardusts).

    Value of new items

    It’s always so exciting to get new Sets in game and be able to add them to your own collection but let’s uncover first what’s behind the fresh arrivals:

    New hair will be helpful in date with Marcus 4-6 (S). Make up will bring you additional points (B) in the same date.

    Dress is useful in date with Caleb 4-6 (A) and in dates with Garrett 3-6 (A) and 7-6 (A).

    Necklace gives points in date with Marcus 8-6 (B) and in date with Garrett 5-6 (A). I would think that Gemini mist and Puppets are more valuable in Garrett’s date 5-6 (S).

    Overall I rate this set as low valuable because it doesn’t have rare or strong tags. If not the Fantasy tag items it would look absolutely plain. The tags we are given are mostly useful in lower ranked dates that most of us probably have already passed so don’t be sad if you are not amazed by the new set or if you don’t have enough diamonds to get it, you won’t be missing much.

    However there is 1 item that should catch your eye and is definitely worth every penny – hair, but not from the set, check those extra items in event page on your screen’s left.

    There are my top 3 picks of the event:

    Extra hair
    Gemini mist (3rd asterism)
    Gemini puppets (8 asterism)

    Have a pleasant divinations, my beauties!

    Danielle -18 June, 2023-

    Previous zodiac events: Pisces (2023) and Scorpio (2022)

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