Immortal Diaries: Intimacy. Contest. Tips

    At first sign it looks like Intimacy is “a nice to have” thing in tImmortal Diaries but actually it plays much more important role. By increasing you Intimacy level with Mr. Right you are able to get dog of higher stars (at ~Lv7 you start to get 4 star puppies, at ~Lv10 you are granted with 5 star dogs). Those pets produce more Influence and ups all four your Abilities so you produce more coins, force and energy in Study -> Routines. When you pair your dog, you get the other dogs Influence too! Moreover, when you reach certain Intimacy levels, you can claim Ability Scroll.

    How to increase Intimacy?

    It’s easy. Each Mr. Right has gifts he likes. Gift the right gift to the right Mr. Right to get maximum Intimacy points (3):


    The other Gifts can be given to any Mr. Right to get Intimacy points:

    3 point Gifts
    2 point Gifts

    Where to get free Gifts?

    • Travel
    • Dispatch
    • Black Market (Boss Natalia)
    • Contest rewards. Look for them in your Bag:

    Intimacy Contest. Tips

    The prizes are shining and very alluring so they will be at high demand. You should expect intensive competition.

    EXP and 15 Scrolls! Crystal roses to keep you fancy dressed! Followers heart (yayyy, rare Follower! Which one will you choose?)! Green set and more mischief items for your Forge!

    How to get ranked higher?

    TIP #1: save as many Gifts as possible. Wins the one who collects the most of Intimacy points by giving Gifts to Mr. Rights. If you aim for the Top3, be prepared to buy extra Gifts/Gift Packs.

    TIP #2: Use Intimacy Chest

    TIP #3: give most of your Gifts at the very end of Contest, last minutes.

    TIP #4: spend your Gifts when you see in the Contest Rank that you will get wanted place in the ranking. Otherwise it is advisable to save them till the next one Intimacy Contest.

    Play wise and GL!

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