Immortal Diaries. EVENT Pearls of Wilderness

    What can be better than new event at the beginning of the new year? Oh yeah, event that brings 2 new high value sets! I kept an eye on them for a long time in galarie wondering if they will ever appear. So glad, they did <3

    And you know what is even better? No Tasks needed to complete! Hope you resisted to spend all you diamonds on pile of short events (Party, Hunt, Wishing well) so now you can treat yourself with new clothes 😉

    Did I mention that event lasts whole 9 days. 9 days, guys, 9 days!! Yep, I just did it! 😀

    It’s time to open the game and see what Sets do we get. Look closer at these exceptional beauties! <3 Nothing similar we have ever had in this game yet. We say, we love them <3 And the best part: we can own separate items. Thank you, devs <3

    Oasis mizzle
    Dune sirocco

    What do you pay for? Value of the Sets

    Each set gives you 18% travel boost. It’s big, really big, but not the largest.

    Some Items in both sets hold Exotic tag that a lot of gamers were missing. Here you go, grab it, guys! In my personal opinion if you are a Tag hunter, both sets may come as a small disappointment because the value for the paid set you would expect to be higher, not a common AB, AB, AB as we get offered now. I would rate them 8/10. If you decide to get only one Set, the Dune Sirocco has a slightest bit better Tags.

    If you check “‘Progress rewards” you will see what other 2 extra outfit items awaits you. As you could guess, free given stuff can’t be expected to be very good. However we take what we get and I’m sure we will put together amazing outfits using them. Exception here is the scenery that is a cherry on our new Set’s top. You get it after claiming the whole outfit. Free! Claim 2 Sets and you will receive two! Ah, you say, but no value in it. Yeah yeah, I hear you but not everything we count so pragmatically *feels dreamy

    Good deals!

    If you feel like you are not into any of these Sets, definitely check out other Items you can get.

    You hoarded bunch and bunch and one more bunch of dogs during contests, they are piling up but you can’t find the mate because of the shortage of dog collars? There is a good deal to get them here: instead of paying 800 diamonds for 4 star collar in Item shop, you can get here the same one for less than 600 diamonds. 3 star collar here is for less than 400 while in item shop it’s priced 500 diamonds. Sounds appealing? I think so!

    Oh right, and those precious green items! They are also available here. You say, oh well not a big deal, I can get them from Bounty Plan but they are never enough when you want to level up your Followers, right? What do you do then? Sure thing, you go to Alliance shop and claim them there. Hm, bet there is a harsh limit. True. But you are smart and take them from Faceoff Store. I tell you, grab them here before turning to Face off because the price here is now better, ~70% what you spend in FaceOff. Use while you can!

    How to get Set but to save 10k diamonds?

    I won’t surprise anyone by telling that to get them you have to spend.. diamonds or real money to get diamonds. Anyway it’s always diamonds 😀 The real questions here is how much and how to spend less. And less always means longer waiting and patience. This event lasts 9 days so be patient, collect everything daily and you will be rewarded! Now you ask, if the waiting is worth it? Let’s see.

    Let’s say you decided to get 1 Set today. You will spend 40k coins and 14.400 diamonds. What if 2 Sets today? It will make 40k coins and 32.400 diamonds.

    What if you decide to go slow and steady and claim set at the end of event? 1 Set price: 360k coins+ 3.900 diamonds. Saving 10k diamonds sounds good? 😀 It costs only 9 days waiting. What about 2 Sets? Your spendings will be 360k coins+ 17.400 diamonds. It’s almost half price *shocked

    How this saving works?

    —– For 1 Set:

    • All ‘Designer pencils’ x 9 days (500 points/day; 4.500 points/9 days). Spendings: 360k coins.
    • All ‘Buttons’ x 9 days (800 points/day; 7.200 points/9 days). Spendings: 400 diamonds/day; 3.600 diamonds/9 days.
    • On the last day you buy 6 “Dyes”. Spendings: 300 diamonds.

    Your total spendings: 360k coins+ 3.900 diamonds.

    —– For 2 Sets:

    • All ‘Designer pencils’ x 9 days (500 points/day; 4.500 points/9 days). Spendings: 360k coins.
    • All ‘Buttons’ x 9 days (800 points/day; 7.200 points/9 days). Spendings: 400 diamonds/day; 3.600 diamonds/9 days.
    • All “Dyes” x 9 days (1000 points/day; 9000 points/9 days). Spendings: 9000 diamonds/9 days).
    • On the last day you buy 48 ‘Designer Threads’. Spendings: 4.800 diamonds.

    Your total spendings: 360k coins+ 17.400 diamonds.

    Let’s get them, ladies! And oh well, my manners.. Happy New year! <3 <3

    Danielle -6 Jan, 2023-

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