Immortal Diaries. Romantic Getaways: save 6000 Diamonds. Hard Tasks

    Mmmm, thats a sweet surprise this game gives us once in a bit <3 If you have more than 10k diamonds (or around 150 dollars), count yourself lucky. Go on and be the first to unlock Snapshots with Mr. Rights! If you are not so lucky, there is a way to get them too!

    You are ready to read and spend more steamy moments with at least one Mr. Right. Oh, better, with all of them! Ok, ok, maybe not with Garrett 😀 but.. heck, let’s take a ride with all four! :D. So..

    We need Keys. Those can be bought. 150 diamonds each.. O-k… Little Yayyy.. Let’s move on.

    Hourglasses are nowhere to see. That means we have 7 event days to do Tasks and end up with Snapshots! The keyword here is patience.

    If you read carefully, you noticed that most of the tasks aren’t so difficult and you don’t have to spend a penny. All you have to do, during this Event do a little bit more than you do daily:

    • Flirt more (use extra 3 balloons daily!) – useful for Marcus and Garrett Tasks
    • Date at least 12 times/day (if you miss some, you can buy extra Lipstick) – Marcus’ task
    • Give Gifts to any Mr. Right -> Adrian’s and Celeb’s tasks:
      • 17 Gifts/day if gift is worth 3 Intimacy points OR
      • 25 gifts worth 2 Intimacy points each OR
      • mix them, but be sure to get at least 50 Intimacy points/day)
    • Dispatch more often -> Adrian’s task, plus brings you Gifts for Adrians and Celeb’s tasks
    • Travel, use higher rated Outfit Set -> Celeb’s tasks, but useful for Adrians’ too
    • Train followers 20 times/day -> Adrian’s task
    • Debate, use all daily chances (use Rematch Letters to get extra attempts/day if needed) –>Celeb’s task
    • Plant Flowers regularly –> Garrett’s task
    • Feed dogs –> Garrett’s task
    • Use Fertiliser (3 times/day) to grow Flowers (Roses would be a good choice too) –> Garrett’s task, may be useful for Marcus’ task

    Tricky tasks

    Two of each five tasks can be a bit more tricky to get done. Solutions:

    • Interrogation (Marcus’ task). You can interrogate only once a day and only those bosses you already defeated in Story Chapters. If you have not enough bosses in Black Market, you may have to pay diamonds to fulfil this task. It’s a normal task if you are advanced in game and Story.
    • Build (Marcus’ task). Build can be done only if you joined any Alliance. And.. only once/day! This task definitely slows you down but don’t miss your chance to get it done for free. Join Alliance today. It’s easy, free and beneficial.
    • 4 Discount Packs (Adrian’s task) can only be bought. The cheapest one is for 288 diamonds and you will get flower seeds and Fertiliser (useful for Marcus and Garrett tasks). If you have enough of both, just use diamonds in Event to complete this task.
    • Gold Cards/ Lucky Draw (Adrian’s task). You can get a few cards in Bounty Plan and extra 10 in its Exchange shop. Every second day you get free spin in Rose Mall.
    • Silver Cards (Celeb’s task). They are hidden in Magicarium Store and limited to 20 Cards/day. A few cards you get daily by playing game and there is 1 free spin/day in Rose Mall.
    • Mystery Scrolls (Celeb’s task). It’s hard to get them for free. Check Task –>Timed Reward and make sure you collected the ones you get for reached Intimacy level with Mr. Right.
    • Fertiliser (Garrett’s task). If you bought Discount Packs for Adrian’s task, you should be set. Without spending money, you may get them in Alliance Store and Task–>Timed Reward.
    • Reset Watch (Garrett’s task). If you don’t have 5 of them, rest can be bought in Store–> Item Store for 200 diamonds. However there is limit 1/day.


    Looks like spending diamonds is inevitable, so how to save? How to spend less?

    • Roses (Marcus’ task). If you don’t have required amount, it’s better to buy 3 Bouquets in Store–> Item Store. You will spend around 300 diamonds (instead of 700 diamonds directly in Event)
    • Discount Packs (Adrian’s task). It’s worth to buy them in Discount Shop. You will spend 1152 diamonds (instead of 800 in Event) but you get very expensive Fertiliser. (Fertilisers price in Garden Shop is 100 diamonds. When you need 20 of them, it makes 2000 diamonds.)
    • Gold Cards (Adrian’s task) are better to buy in bunch of 10 for 900 diamonds in Rose Mall. In this case you will get a valuable Outfit Item too. Get the rest 10 cards in Bounty Plan.
    • Mystery Scrolls (Celeb’s task). I don’t see better way to save as to make the task done in Event for 800 diamonds, especially if you have non atm.. Sorry. (1 Scroll is worth 600 diamonds in Item Store and limited to 1/day.. 10 Scrolls can be exchanged in Bounty Plan. Yayyy if you have enough Gold Bricks! Rose Bank Top up and Task–>Timed Reward may be useful if you are missing only a couple of them.)
    • Reset Watch (Garrett’s task). If you don’t have any, better to get the task done in Event for 800 diamonds.

    That’s how you spend less, get all 4 Snapshots only for 4k diamonds and in time! Start today and see yourself!

    Danielle -9 May, 2022-

    Updated. Unfortunately there were not enough Keys for 1 story, had to buy a bunch to Unlock the Moments. My impressions about them you see below.

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