Immortal Diaries. EVENT Columbus Legacy

    With a bit later kick off the new dress up event showed up in our game! It brings on our table two new high starred outfits. Witch one catches your eye? The one dangerous in pearls, sexy dress and unforgettable red hair? Or maybe the one that speaks authority and unwavering self-confidence in pant-suit? None matter witch one you will choose, you get modern cute outfits spiced with a dash of an old flare.

    And yes! You may get Items you love this time, no need to save for the whole outfit if none of them is under your taste.

    Tasks help you reduce cost

    To reduce the price you can complete Tasks (look for them under “Get Gifts”–>Tasks). They refresh daily but stay the same:

    • dispatch Followers 5 times
    • accumulate travels to 30 times
    • increase 200 Pet satiety
    • increase 30 Intimacy for Mr. Right
    • 1 alliance Build
    • train Followers 15 times
    • clear 10 Dates
    • join 4 Debates
    • 2 Lucky draw by diamonds/Gold Cards
    • use 200 Diamonds

    If you do daily Tasks, there shouldn’t be hard to complete most of the tasks. You just have to remember to pop up in game every 3h or so to claim gathered resources.

    To be able to Build you have to be in any Alliance. It’s easy to join and free of charge. However Build itself usually requires to spend some diamonds (unless you already spent 5 dollars and have sack of cement): 10, 50 or 200. I would recommend 200. It may look a lot but by doing so you also full fill one more Task that asks you to spend 200 diamonds. Spending diamonds in active Alliance is one of the useful investments in this game. (7days x 200diamonds= 1400diamonds/event)

    Lucky draw isn’t cheap either. If you have 10 golden Cards, you may stay calm because you are all set. The rest required gold cards you will get every second day. However if you don’t have them, some diamond spending will be needed.

    Each completed Task give you some points. At the end of the day you can collect 33 anchors for each Set = 330 boats of each colour/day = 2310 boats of each colour/event.

    If you decide to skip 200 diamond spending Tasks and Build only 10, you still will end up with 1960 boats of each colour/event. If you will skip Gold card draw Tasks as well, your final number of boats will be 1610 for each Set.

    Yayyy! That means you still will be able to get some Items from Event Exchange.

    Boost your FREE score

    Claim in “Gifts station” twice a day extra Anchors and convert them into Boats you use in exchange shop. Each time you will get 120 boats for each Set. (120boats x 2per day x7days= 1680 boats for each Set)

    Your total by completing all Tasks and claiming all anchors in “Gifts station” will be 3990 boats/event for each Set.

    Let’s put a price tag on new outfit Set

    If you decided you definitely want to get the whole set and the single Items aren’t enough, claim the whole Set at once because in this case you will spend less, only 16.200 boats. If you buy each Item separately, your spendings will reach 18.000 boats. The same a mount of boats is needed is you decide to go for the whole Set at once+scenery 😉

    Tasks and Claiming twice a day help you to collect 24,6% resources needed to obtain Set. Don’t forget, you already spent 1.400 diamonds for the 200 diamond Task daily, so Tasks don’t give you boats completely for free.

    The rest of needed boats we can buy:

    • IF YOU AIM FOR 1 Set

    1-6 day: 10 anchors x 20 times= 200 anchors/day x6 days =1200 anchors/6days= 12.000 boats (70×20 times x6days= 8.400 diamonds/6days)

    on day 7: 10 anchors x 3 times= 30 anchors/day = 300 boats (70x 3times= 210 diamonds)

    Daily all Tasks and Claiming should be done.

    Total: 3990 (from Tasks and 2xClaiming)+12.000 (from first 6 event days) +300 (from the last event day)= 16.290 boats

    Total spendings: 1.400+8.400+210=10.010 diamonds/1Set

    • 1 Set if 7 DOLLARS INVOLVED

    You can reduce diamond cost by spending 1 dollar each event’s day, so on the last event’s day you have spent 7 dollars but collected 40anchors x 7days x10= 2.800 boats in return.

    Daily all Tasks and Claiming should be done.

    Rest of spendings will look following:

    1-4 day: 10anchors x20 times x 4days= 800 anchors= 8.000 boats (70 x20times x4days= 5.600 diamonds)

    on day 5: 10anchors x15 times= 150 anchors = 1.500 boats (70 x15times =1.050 diamonds)

    Your total: 3990 (from Tasks+Claiming)+2.800 (you bought daily for 1 dollar)+9.500(spending diamonds)= 16.290 boats

    Total spendings: 1.400 (for daily 200 diamond Task)+5.600+1.050= 8.050 diamonds +7 dollars

    • IF YOU AIM FOR 2 Sets

    To my biggest surprise the cheapest way to obtain both Sets is to use the same strategy I wrote in part “if you aim for 1 Set”.

    “Super offer: Anchor” is worth buying only if you aim for 2 Sets AND ignore Tasks and Claiming:

    1-7 day: 10 anchors for each Set in Super offer x 10 times x 7 days = 700 anchors for each Set = 7.000 boats for each Set (8.400 diamonds)

    1-4 day: 10 anchors in Discount offer x 20 times x 4 days = 800 anchors for each Set = 8000 boats for each Set (5.600 x 2Sets= 11.200 diamonds)

    on day 5: 10 anchors in Discount offer x 12 times = 120 anchors = 1.200 boats (840 x2Sets= 1.680 diamonds)

    Cost for 2 Sets: 21.280 diamonds. Ideal for those who are busy the whole day and don’t have time to finish most of the Tasks but do log in once a day to buy anchors for diamonds.

    Let’s have fun and enjoy fall’s voyage!

    Danielle -8 Nov, 2022-