• Who are you?

I remain silent as the threatening voice crosses the air.

  • Who are you?

He asks again after a short pause and his eyes narrow. He uses force, unfolds my hands and looks at my breasts. I try to flip him. Punch him hard. Pain is written all over his face. He secures me. I feel his smell. Woods. I realize he is interested in my tattoos, not in my womanhood. Somehow they became again visible. Not all of them, but enough to be noticeable. He notices three rings on my fingers and his eyes widen. He turns his back to me.

What was that? Fear? Did I just see fear in his eyes? It could give me an advantage.

He paces in a room trying to look calm, but he doesn’t hide it so well as he would like. At least it catches my eye, though his two men didn’t notice the change and stand calm, guard me and wait for his command. Their eyes never leave me. I scam them as well. They have daggers. More than one each. Behind the back are hidden two. One more is fixed on the upper arm. One more I’ve seen attached to the ankle. I explore in my mind my possibilities to use them.

  • Black Prince called you Hell.

He stops and looks at me craning his head. He speaks about my brother. I can’t believe he really has something to do with all this.

  • Who are you? 

He glances again at me. Hm, he was so sure I was the Black princess and now it somewhat changed. What throwed he from the right path? What does he expect to hear?

  • Why were you in the Princess bed?

I stay silent. I have no idea what’s going on. But it looks like the situation plays in my hand. I won’t miss my opportunity.

  • He called you Hell. He appeared from nowhere after you. Who are you? Who are you to him?

F*ck. Tables turn again. Huh, not my lucky day? I have to speak up.

  • I’m.. no one..
  • Tck, tck.. Black Prince himself risked his life to save you. He was quicker than us. Left us empty-handed after our small diversion.

So Sorgedon has nothing to do with them. Who stands behind all this then?!

  • You should be close to him.

He narrows his eyes and taps his chin. I can feel his wheels turning as he thinks heard. I have to spin his mind before he gets to a conclusion, so I speak up again.

  • Black enjoys women’s presence. 
  • Oh, that’s not a secret! Everyone knows this truth. But why were you in HER chambers, not his?
  • They thought I was injured.

Silence fills the room. It doesn’t promise me good. I have to get out of here. I feel my shaky breath, but try not to show it.

  • What is so special about you? Everyone knows, Black Prince is picky. So who are you?

He doesn’t buy my bite, so I am forced to come up with another answer. I don’t know what to say to increase my escape chances. Panic creeps slowly in my body. I manage only a few letters. 

  • Hell.. 
  • Hell.. Helliana?!

He suddenly stops a few steps in front of me with the biggest surprise on his face. I tilt my head, put on a poker face and turn it to the side escaping his direct gaze.

  • It’s YOU! I heard about you.

His eyes lighten, but his hands are shaky. He tries to hide, but his changed breath gives him away.

Oh, I also heard about her. There is the myth about her, old like a world coming from centuries ago. Helliana brings death to all the worlds and she is the death itself. She is indescribably beautiful. She is sly and powerful. She is everywhere and nowhere. She looks fragile if you’ll meet her in her material form, but she is cruel without any reason no matter whether you harmed her or not. She is unpredictable. She is fearless. She is immortal, absolute immortal.. and she is a MYTH. Why does he think I am her? 

  • YOU!

I set my gaze on him. Cold and black. Suddenly I am so calm. I even feel my heartbeat in my lifeless heart. What a hell?! I don’t let confusion rule. I put a smile on my lips.

  • My kids. 

They smirk hearing my changed voice. Even my own skin shivered wrapped in it.

  • I breathe death. 

I play my part and look for escape. 

  • I bring death. 

With each short sentence I step forward the entrance. 

  • I leave death.

There are so many of them. I won’t survive if.. I take their leader by his arm. Interlace our fingers. I look into his eyes and start laughing. He stares at me and I see his fear growing. Suddenly I blow air into his face. He shuts his eyes and his skin becomes even more pale. I take his daggers and throw them at his two men in this space. He winces, as they become instantly ashes. He gestures for others to calm down and keeps them away from me. Good boy, very handy. I thank fate in my mind.

  • Your time, my dear..

I approach the leader, brushing my finger over his jawline and trailing it down the neck.

  • ..comes later. I’m leaving. For now.

I add and use my moment to dart quickly with a loud laugh far away from the crazy and unpleasant cave.

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