I dart out of the Eden palace grounds through the side gates and leave behind it’s land. 

  • He is.. 

I stop suddenly at the line where the woods start. That’s our army. OUR. MY! I scan the battlefield till I find Sorgedon’s flag. And finally him itself. He doesn’t fight. He is in command. He is learning. I smile and my chest warms up. I am proud.

I have to reach him, to share the news. He can’t sturm inside! We have to come up with the plan. I don’t think about danger crossing the field of the fighters. My feets run, almost fly as fast as I can. I jump on some backs and hit a few men on my way with my dagger. I dodge several times to save my life. My route is straight. I am almost there. Guards make a shield for my brother. They don’t recognize me! They think I am a threat.

  • Sorgedon! Sorgedon!!

I scream his name trying to attract his attention, but his eyes are set on the field. Morty hears me and dismisses guards. Thanks to him, I hug my brother. He is stunned though happy to see me. He returns my hug quickly and kisses me longly on lips, relishing flavour.

  • Gorgeous! How did you escape?
  • What do you do here?

We ask at the same time and giggle. We used to do it as kids and now it’s left as a habit.

  • Beasts are there. Are you well? You just disappeared. We were looking for you.

He is concerned. I don’t blame him. They fadet and took me out of our home that day. I didn’t return. I didn’t contact him. Morty would say, use a smartphone, but it’s a thing for a lower class. For our security reasons we gave up on them last century.

  • I will explain everything later, Sorgedon. But now you have to know, I wasn’t here prisoner.

He is stunned again. Stands in silence and looks at me rigid.

  • Sorgedon! We have to leave. 

I rush him.

  • Are they friends, Milly?

Sorgedon looks around the battlefield where our men fight. Whistles and shows something for them. It’s a start, but still.. I growl and cut my nail.

  • No. 

I shake my head.

  • They have a prepared army, new weapons. They will use them.
  • Milly, I took my own new weapons.

He says proud and the corner of his lips gets a bit up. Ohh, my brother.. I shake my head.

  • We don’t have time, Sorgedon. I’m leaving to Cymru!
  • NO! You DON’T!
  • Beasts took advantage of our father. They made a deal with warlocks and enchanted the dagger.

He listens. As he always does.

  • Sorgedon, we need our men at home. Our target is that Beast.

His eyes are on a battlefield, but I know that he listens. He scans the field. We have losses. They have too. I tremble. How many more do we need?

  • Our men turn to ashes… and the beast is not even here. He left to Cymru!

He returns eyes on me. I nod.

  • We are retreating.
  • As you command.

Morty looks skeptical at us. He nods and whistles.

  • Morty, leave some men to avoid persecutors.

Looks like he starts to catch up with our plan.

  • Milly we have to go firsts. Morty will join us a bit later. Can you run?
  • Catch my dust brother!

I hear him laughing behind me. Sounds of battlefield fades. Sunrise is coming. We look for a shelter and find a good shade in the woods. Large solid crowns of those old trees cover us well, but we have to stay put in place till the darkness.

  • How far is home?
  • It will take some time. I am glad you are well, Milly. You scared me.

He looks again worried.

  • They kidnapped me.
  • Who?!

Sorgedon rises on his feet and starts to pace. His fingers play with his chin. I shake my head.

  • I don’t know. They were new faces to me and said nothing useful in their conversations. I thought they were beasts, but turned out they are not.
  • Did they hurt you, gorgeous?

He holds my shoulders and searches my eyes. I hear a true worry, but also a switch in his voice. He is turned on.

  • They scared me out of my gut.

He hugs and holds me tight. 

  • I am sorry, gorgeous. I am so sorry. I had to protect you better. It won’t happen ever again.
  • Don’t blame yourself, brother.

I look into his eyes and stroke his cheek.

  • I am back.

His lips crash on mine. He tastes different than Eirikrinn. It is not about gentle or rough. Just looks like something is missing. There is no time for thoughts, when the body and instincts gain an upper hand. I have known him all my life. We know our bodies too well. He deepens the kiss and I open my lips. His tongue enters and relishes our reunity. His hands are gentle. They are roaming my body. I moan. He remembers what I like most. I buckle my hips against him and he lets a moan as our bodies grind. I lick my lips. His eyes narrow fixating on this innocent movement. He finds my hair, takes it into fist and slightly tugs back. One more moan escapes my lips. We lay on moss. A glimpse of Eirik crosses my mind. Sorgedon catches my lips passionately. His fingers find my clit and his nails hit it. I can’t stop my moans. Arch my body. He enters me without notice and I gasp.

  • Gorgeous?
  • Be gentle.

He hears me out and worships my body at the same time pumping in and out. He fills me full inside and I start to feel my body craving for a release. I let my nails a bit into his shoulders. He groans loud. My fangs press his neck, ready to dart in. His breath quickens. I feel him pulsing inside me. He doesn’t stop. Pumps quicker and enters deepier. Touches my sensitive spot and sends us in a so waited release. 

  • Welcome home, gorgeous.

He whispers with a light kiss on my temple.

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