I stand in front of Eirikrinn. His eyes are not anymore narrow. He is ready to play along. I hold my palm to him. 

  • Cymru never refuses to answer and would be glad to be befriended.

I smile. He plays with the words and meaning, tries to hold his reputation and face in front of others, but at the same time he is giving me a chance. He takes my hand agreeing to dance. His lips give me a dashing smile though his words were meant for everyone else. 

Corner of my eyes catches Sorgedon eyeing me, but gives a sigh to the musicians to start their play.

Eirikrinn sweeps me off my feet and lets me go in the middle of the hall. Just after landing on the floor I have to spin a few times around myself to stop in place steady on my heels. That was a powerful push. His spine is straight, he holds his head high. His posture says he is powerful and self-confident. I make steps toward him at a slow dancing seductive pace and pass him by letting him stand behind my back. I try to hold his gaze. My eyes are narrowed.

  • It’s very bold, Black princess.

He doesn’t hide his words from others. His posture is demanding, he holds his spine straight, but his palms move very plastic and gentle around me. He imitates his touch tracing the curves of my body. His hands move just a hair away from my skin. First head, neck, shoulders and hands, my sides. It raises my passion, I crave his touch on my skin, my breath changes. I have a feeling I will melt, I have to get a distance. I shove him gently back and run a few dancing steps away. 

Sorgedon bubbles inside and clenches his fists, face is changing. He won’t be holding long. F*ck! My plan works, but not as I expected. I tried, but I will not get the desired outcome, it will be strong as our drink with some extras, side effects.. Milly, what have you done?. You get deeper into trouble.. 

Eirikrinn doesn’t let me go far. He catches my wrist and tugs me in an embrace letting our bodies touch. My breasts are flat against his muscle hard chest. He cups my face.

  • You still try to kill me?!

He whispers onto my lips. I look him in the eyes and shake my head slightly. I corner his body and stand my chest behind him. Under changing music I hug his chest from behind. He breathes heavily, deep. He is turned on. His palms cover my fingers. I rest my head against his shoulder near his ear.

  • Leave this place through the door in the hall you met me. Otherwise they will hunt you down.

He shoves me off himself and makes a few dancing steps to the side. I hold my fists tighter and step dancing steps toward Sorgedon. Eirikrinn catches me by the waist and spins me flushed against him. 

  • How long have you known who I am?

He doesn’t trust me. His palms curve my body from hips up to my torso and stop barely touching my breasts. At the limit of decency. I hold a moan, but he catches it even though it was soundless. He smiles gently.

  • When we were playing tonight.

I break off his hold and dance around him waving my hips. He looks surprised. 

  • And before that?

I shake my head in refusal. Lots of eyes burn at us. I see Sorgedon organising guards.

  • You have to go. It’s not safe here, Eirik.
  • Does Black know about our bond?

We dance mirroring each other movements in a pair, in a connected eye gaze. That’s a clear leverage of power.

  • Not yet.
  • Sunshine, I am not leaving you. 
  • Leave now. It’s not safe for you to stay longer.

We stop not far away from the door as the music stops.

  • Don’t stay near.

I advise him. Our intervened fingers untangle. Sorgedon comes in at a quick pace and I meet him in a half way and ask him for the next dance. Of course he accepts. He knows why we are now here in public.

Milly, you betrayed him, your King, our family, our kingdom, your blood. You are bonded. You let him escape. You will be let to burn in a sun. As a traitor. Brother maybe, but King won’t show you mercy.

  • What was that about, Milly?!

Sorgedon’s anger crashes on me.

  • He is Cymru.
  • You know what I am asking! 
  • We are bonded.
  • …?!

I blur. And shut my eyes. Why did I do that?! To give him more time to escape. Sorgedon doesn’t talk to me from this moment, but doesn’t let me go either. I am trapped in this hall. I look for an escape route, but just can’t come up with any better idea. Everything that I try, is instantly blocked. My heart hammers, tries to escape through my throat. I will never see you, Eirikrinn. I hope you are successfully gone.

Guests left. It’s almost morning. Sorgedon palms my face, kisses my temple. We rest our foreheads for a while. What is on his mind? I don’t have to wait long for an answer. He nods and guards catch me by my hands and drag me to the yard. I know what’s to come next. I have seen it so many times. It’s the end for all our traitors. And now I am the one.

  • You do the right thing, brother.

My voice is calm. I accept my fate, my destiny. Guards leave me there to meet my fate alone. I know they watch me.

First rays of the sun appear. I can’t run. I am chained. I don’t even try to break and to save me. Let the sun do its job. I am a vampire. I was born this way unlike many others. I will die as a proud vampire. I will burn and melt into ashes. Rain will wash the memory of me away. And looking back at my life now, I don’t regret any of my decisions I have ever made. I always did what I believed had to be done, what was right. I didn’t obey and saved my brother. I killed those who betrayed my Father. I believed my instincts to escape and survive. I found love and I tasted it. I found our enemy and punnished his heart with my silver dagger. I chose my kingdom against my heart as long as I could. 

Sun is higher and hits my skin with her hot tongues. I cry out from the pain and tear off my body from restraints. They hold me in place. 

  • I did it. And if needed, I would do it again.

I remember Eirikrinn. He was sleeping. I looked at him and adored the view. We were just him and me. Two commoners. No crowns, no bloodlines, no restrictions.

  • Aahhh!

I hiss in pain. My skin smokes. 

  • AAAAhrr!

I pull on restraints one more time. Pain is unbearable and my instincts take over. Instinct survive blocs my mind. I tear off restraints. My whole skin is smoking and hurting, but I am still alive. I don’t melt in ashes. I stand up and go. Run. I stumble, crowl, stand up and go, run. Towards the woods. My legs don’t hold my weight any more. I fell down and growl.. Moss.. It’s moss and calming shadows.

Story continues in Lady Vamp: Bonded