I’m in my bed. Last few weeks were wild. Unexpected. With twists and turns. I cover my body better in sheets from suddenly rolling in chill and close my eyes. Sun will be up soon.

What’s this smell? I.. I can’t.. breath. 

I wake up. My legs hurt. They drag me. Two of them at my sides. I see nothing. Something is on my head. They don’t speak. We move in silence. Long quick strides. We are not in Black mansion anymore. I know all the passways in there. Where am I? With whom? Why? Is it Sorgedon doing?

  • Well, well, well.. What do we have here?

It sounds somehow too cheerful. They take that thing off my head. Outside is dark. Are we in a cave? I’m not alone. My mind doesn’t count, but I realise quickly. There are too many of them.

  • You are greeted as well.

I am scared, but try to be brave. I stand here in a black nightgown. Bare feet. I recognize no one in that crowd. Who are they? Why am I here? Where? Lots of unanswered questions still spin in my head.

  • Guys, where are your manners?! Welcome the Black princess properly!
  • They take goblets, drink, spit and spray through their lips on me.

I close my eyes at the impact. They burst in loud laughing.

  • I promised to share with you princess. Today you will get her. Who will serve our guest first?

Loud roar of voices fills the small place. After some kind of play one man gets time with me first. He is so drunk and stinks. I can barely stand next to him. He grabs my hand and pulls me into a smaller space behind the wall. I hear loud nasty comments of his mates. At least they are planning to take me one by one. I can fight. My head lightens at this idea.

To my luck the drunk creature is stuck in his pants. Somehow he can’t take them off. He is too drunk to figure it out. 

  • Pathetic..

I mumble very silent under my nose and hold my laugh as the view in front of me looks so deplorable. I’m aware how in serious danger I am, but to see him missing his opportunity.. like that.. 

  • Need help?

I blur out not thinking. My life probably grimaces to me. The man is too proud to agree just as I expected. Tries to manage himself. As his drunken ass is bare he tries to harden. Of course, unsuccessfully. I turn my head to the side to stop myself for commenting again. He slaps my ass and I let a loud cry. How did he get to me? I choose the farthest corner. He looks at his d*ck, sighs and slowly leaves the room. I hear loud whistles and cheers.

Second man heads in. He is not so drunk like the first one. I will need to fight him and my body prepares. 

  • Now, now, Princess. You are mine. So fine-grained. So soft.

He trails his fingers over my cheek and collarbone. I step aback, out of his reach, at least for that moment.

  • Get out!
  • With a full mouth. I like it. I will stick my d*ck into the mouth of yours till you choke.

He grabs my chin raw and laughs. I kick him. Hard. He turns side to me and my leg doesn’t reach the required spot. Instead he grabs my feet and pulls me hard toward him. It’s painful and I let a cry out again. I plop on an armchair backwards following his push. He straddles me and secures my hands with his legs.

  • On a second thought.. I want you dirty. 

I fight, wiggle. Try to escape, but our powers don’t match. He tears my nightgown and exposes my breasts. 

  • So vulnerable. Exposed. Waiting for me. 

I scream and start my fight again. This time is more rough. 

  • Oh, that’s even better than I imagined! Scream!

He licks his lips, opens his pants, strokes his c*ck over my lips and between my breasts, growls and finishes with the hand on my nipples. I have nausea. Disgusting.

  • Though it looks perfect. I don’t want to leave it for a friend.

He cleans his pool of mess with his sleeve and leaves the room. Roar behind the wall goes wild. Cheers, whistles, clinging goblets and dirty comments. 

I hug myself. I want to cover my breasts or maybe more to feel secure, but I am sure. One more will come.. I have to come up with a plan, how to escape this threatening place. They are stronger than me. There is no equal count. I’ve seen no one willing to help me. One more enters. Here we go.

  • He won’t get me.

I say in a whisper as a promise to myself. He stands and looks at me. I look back at him. I don’t want to, but it’s cold, my body trembles a bit. He comes nearer. Slowly and silent. Step by step. His eyes are narrowed and always on me. I make steps back. As many as he makes forward. I have no escape as this place is limited and the wall appears quickly behind my back. I am like a prey, but I don’t break my gaze. He stares at me. His eyes drop a bit down and find my breasts. My eyes. My breasts. He turns and immediately leaves. I am stunned, rooted in a place.

  • What was that?

I ask myself. Some sort of relief washes over my body. 

  • Who are they? 

One more of them enters the room. Quite high. Dark haired. Necklace of teeth covers his neck. Very sculptured head. Wide shoulders. Large palms and long legs. I remember those steps.. He looks very confident, but his muscles don’t look so relaxed. There is a hidden weakness. I just have to find out where exactly. And this smell.. It hits my nostrils instantly as he comes near. It’s he.. I narrow my eyes fixed on him. HE is responsible for all of this, but I’m not sure yet, is he behind all this plan. I doubt it. We don’t know each other. Someone probably pays him.. But who? My brother? I brush this thought leaving it for later. My breathing quickens and becomes shallow. Hate builds in my chest and gives me power and boldness. Let’s test if he is my opportunity.

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