She left my palace. She left me. Willingly. Again. 

I exhale looking at the rose placed next to my bed. A withered flower. I take it in my hand. She knows I secretly watched her in those gardens. She wanted to find peace in herself. I take in the flower’s aroma. It is a sweet scent, almost the same sweat like her skin’s. 

  • Probably Porir was right. One day you will be the death of me as I can’t find the way to your guarded heart. 

I smile sadly. I’m not afraid of death if only she will be with me.

I want to go after her. My heart calls for it. I still can do that thought she already left Eden and maybe even Gharnatah. Find her. My heart hammers. Bring her back to me. By force. And what’s then? In that case she will hate me. She will never look at me with the same sparkling eyes. Am I ready for it?

  • Damn..
  • Eirikrinn.

I turn to find Porir at the door.

  • Speak.
  • One of our men around Black hill swears that Black princess returned.
  • What!!?

My fists break a coffin reacting to the brought news.

  • She was in Gharnatah, wasn’t she?!
  • No one else could confirm that she returned. We have a man in the castle. He hasn’t seen her either.
  • How so?

He shrugs his shoulders. I growl in frustration. Lately my life started to turn around those two women. I thought at least we would have something normal when that army showed up, but.. they were cowards, retreated, run away as they started to smell us. 

  • What a weakness! 

I shake my head and laugh. Porir clearly understands I’m far from pleased. We could tear off their hearts from their chests like we always do. Set fear, make them tremble just from seeing us. Make their last moments in agony when we squeeze their bleeding hearts. They all are right about us. We are the death. We are sons of Helliana. 

  • Eirikrinn.

He interrupts my sentences in my head making me more pissed off. It’s already enough the worst night of my life and he has courage.. 

  • Black prince throws a party tonight. 
  • That’s interesting..

He hooks my attention. I raise up my one eyebrow.

  • What is the reason? 
  • Pleasure. It will be Masquerade.
  • Black prince.. 

I smile shaking my head. His name and reputation preceded him.

  • In that case make yourself ready, Porir. We will scout if the Black princess returned.

Night comes to a full moon. We are dressed in black. If our guess is right, everybody will stick to that colour tonight. Porir and me enter the gates. For the first time we will visit the so known Black castle. And not invade it. I don’t even remember when we had such times entering the front door as the guests. 

This mansion looks more like mine, nothing like sparkling Eden palace. I mean the one I left in Cymru. This one has wider corridors, wider windows, some of them have colours. It should be beautiful here in the sunset. Now it is true beauty is shaded in late and darkness.

  • Way here.

We were shown the path toward the main hall and Porir tried to show politeness nodding. I hold back my laugh, but my lips curve a small smile anyway. It’s not like him. Enormous windows are covered in black curtains with patterns in gold. There is a large pool. In it float decorated quite narrow long boats. One servant stands in each with the long stick which they dig to the pools bottom and make the boats float. I am amused at how they managed to do it inside.

  • Party prince, huh.. Describes him well. 

I say to my friend next to me. Porir nods. His eyes scan women in the crowd. I shake my head. Looks like my friend is in his real.

  • Rumors were true, Eirik. He is picky. I don’t want to compliment him, but he really has a good taste in women. Just look at those two! And these over there.
  • Do you see her?

I’m bringing him back to the matter as he starts to look too excited. He shakes his head slightly to the sides.

  • Keep your eyes and ears open.
  • Eirikrinn, just look at that one!

I roll my eyes. I should have brought someone else along. He approaches me, but right now I am not in the mood for fun.

  • Porir, brace yourself! We are not here for pleasure.

I blur out. He becomes silent. For a short moment.

  • I would love to put HER on my d*ck.
  • Porir!

I try not to be loud. We don’t want extra attention. We came here without invitation. It’s enemies territory and we are on a delicate mission. Porir doesn’t stop as I have never spoken. I growl in annoyance.

  • Her silky skin. 
  • Those round breasts.
  • … 
  • Ass.. oh, it waits for a slap and..

He growls. His voice has changed. I sigh. He got me and I’m curious. My friend is a player, but such a sudden attraction.. I’m intrigued. 

  • Which one?

He points to the women almost at the center of the hall. She is like a butterfly, moves very light on her long heels, makes slow rounds, she knows a lot of heads here, chats and flirts with them. How could someone be so charming? She leaves them in awe. I feel me harden. What the f*ck does my body do? It betrays me?! Now?!

  • She is out of your league, Porir. 

He glares at me protesting.

  • Find another woman of your taste.

My voice is demanding. Porir scowls and suddenly starts laughing. Now it’s my turn to glare at him.

  • She got you, bro. 

I tear my gaze off of her and go to take a drink. I need to cool down. My eyes involuntarily check on her often, but return for longer when the man approaches her. I feel possessive. What’s with me? I even don’t know her.

  • Black prince.

I nod responding to Porir’s comment. Everything shows he is the Black. I saw him once, but I don’t remember him well. We negotiated with the King and my all attention was concentrated on his posture and words. Prince stayed silent on a side. He snakes a hand around her waist and brings her closer. Their bodies meet. I am on alert and start to feel beats of my cold nonmoving heart. What’s with me?! She smiles and kisses his lips softly. So she is his mistress! My heart beats in speed. Why? He palms her face gently and deepens a kiss. He treasures her. She answers his kiss. I feel a sudden urge to separate them, but only harden my fists. What’s with me? One more woman?! Two already bring me enough problems. And here steps in one more?! Keep a grip on yourself and calm down, Eirik! 

I gulp emptying one more goblet. It’s not just blood in them. They use some kind of herbs. That’s not what matters now if it only cools down my nerves and steady me.

Music starts and I turn to check what is the buzz about. Prince told something to the crowd I didn’t get what. Crowd was cheering. She excuses herself to the Black and goes to join dancing women. Ah, she is entertainer! Her body moves gracefully. Her black dress is sheer, legs are seen through till the seam between her legs. I quietly growl, not able to control myself. What a strong effect has she on me? Only one woman had it.

  • Your distractions are deadly.

Porir knows me well and it didn’t take long for him to notice a change in my behavior. He teases me. 

  • F*ck off.
  • Oh, I would f*ck her as well. You wanna share?

I ignore him. He knows well. I never do that. And this time won’t be an exception. What?! Why do I think about it at all? Their dance is very energetic, diversified, so at some parts of the dance women move their bodies slowly like snakes, shaking their hips and stamping feets. And then again with new power they make quite high jumps, twirls, their forearms interact, they shout aloud “Hey” and the sound waves in my blood. Crowd joins them. Is it a war dance? 

At the end of the dance SHE takes a whip and lash the air with it. Her hands work accurately, not messing up. With her each whip air and water vibrates. I think my blood too. I feel I am so on edge I could finish if she will touch me. F*ck! F*ck!

I stroke myself a few times through the pants. They became unbearably tight and uncomfortable. Whips become stronger and stronger. My body doesn’t know how to stop and that edge appears unbearably close. I growl and stroke hastily again. She looks straight to my eyes, does she?! Those eyes! My breath is shallow as I try somehow to regain control on my body. She twirls and brings one more whip. Eyes again are set hot on mine, narrowed. She uses both whips passionately, wildly. My breath hitches. I balance on the line of relief. Black stops her hands with his palms in one strict motion at the last music beat, making me angry.

  • HEY !

My discontent is lost in the crowd as it repeats energetic “Hey” and loud long cheers covers the main hall. Prince stands in front of her, but she looks through his shoulder directly at me. Our gaze is locked. Under her mask I see her blue eyes changing into deep dark black. I have seen them! My heart skips a beat. My Sunshine? My lungs are sucked up. I need some air.

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