I have to go. I have to go. But Cymru? He said that Beast is in Cymru. If he is there, I should be also there. But Cymru? I look though the window. Eirik asked me to stay here, but I can’t wait. Who knows how long it takes to him to come back here.. But Cymru.. CYMRU !!

  • Hell of all the hells! From all the places of course he chose Cymru!

I frown and growl of dissatisfaction. I still pace in Eirikrinn’s bedchamber. Making my way back and forward, back and forward.

  • What do I do? What do I do?

I am so frustrated by unwelcome news. I can’t go to Cymru alone. My gaze trails again towards the window. Eirik.. I shake my head. 

  • Sorgedon. We are in this together. 

Before the campaign begins we have to be well prepared. It’s Cymru! All the kingdoms avoid becoming enemies of the most powerful kingdom. It’s on the island. Coast surrounded by rocks and fog, rains and cold. It’s land saved by dragons. It’s dangerous. It already consumed many kingdoms. What a f*cking luck do we have to deal with them?! My thought is sarcastic as my mirrored smile on my lips. With Sorgedon just stepping as the King we are a simple bite for Cymru

  • Father, you negotiated with them for a few centuries. We aholded against them. We need your wise advice.

I exhale sharply. My palms become sweaty, but I keep rubbing them.

  • Otherwise my brother will rely on his strength and we again will have the massacre. It’s enough!

But I am alone. There is no advice. Any kind of sign. One more exhale comes out long from my body. My palm covers my heart. Kingdom and future. Kingdom and future, my brother.

I have to go. My body refuses to follow my mind’s command. My eyes meet Eirikrinn’s bed for the last time. He has his fate. I have to meet mine. I place a white rose on a bed. It’s our goodbye. I swallow hard. My heart sinks as it’s not easy to separate myself from him.

  • Stay safe, my love.

I return to my bedchambers and change my clothes. I can’t travel in a palace dress. I am still on the run. Those who kidnaped me are probably still looking for me. I stop and hear battle outside. 

  • An army. The whole army out there..

It’s quite far from my chambers, but I recognise that awful whirr. My heart squeezes, so as my eyes. It hurts to leave him. Especially now..

  • Trust him, Milly. He will win.

I stand for a moment longer, forcing my feets to move. Defeated in battle with my heart, I leave my chambers and quietly find my ways through the halls. I try to avoid servants. It’s easy. Because of the battle, the halls are almost empty.

I see Eirikrinn’s men in the yard for the first time. They are true warriors. Noone will doubt their loyalty or readiness to send the enemy to ashes. They will help him. He will be safe. I try to sneak unseen. I have seen lots of times preparation for a battle. Our goes in a similar way. Everybody is helping, preparing weapons. Weapons? What is it? I’ve never seen it. They have flying fire, do they? And what is this? Hm, clouds of silver nails? I find myself wasting my time. I do everything, take any excuse to slow down and to see him. Last time. 

I lurk in the shadows. There comes Porir. He crosses the yard and enters some building. Men steady themselves and I see Eirikrinn. His clothes of war fit his perfect sculpted body. Broad shoulders and muscle arms fills the shirt in perfection. His eyes are dark stony, spine straight. He is so self confident. I bite my lip in want not tearing odd eyes off him.

  • I will miss you.

I whisper and finally force myself to turn to leave. As I hear him speaking I can’t help myself to look back at him one more time.

  • Uproot their hearts!

It’s a greeting! My eyes widen. Such cruelty.. They will do it? Litteratelly? with bare hands?!

  • They are coming for us. They will leave their ashes! No mercy!

Porir helps him put on a jacket of war. It’s.. It’s RED!

  • Uproot their hearts!

They all repeat and repeat loud “Uproot their hearts!”. I take the view in front of my eyes in disbelief. Porir handles red capes for others and one of it throws on his shoulders. I feel nausea coming up to my throat. I run. Run. 

  • He is.. He is with them.. with the beasts. 
  • He is.. ONE of THEM !

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