I lay down all my body placed in the temple’s farthest corner. It’s the only one suitable, most darkest place where I can hide. Daylight. F*cking daylight. I am stuck here.

I am weak. I am starving. I spent too much energy, but I had to run, to hide, to find shelter, to keep myself safe, and keep me alive. I crave for blood and this thought just makes me more hungry. I lick my dry lips fighting the burning urge in my guts. 

I don’t see, but I know, my eyes became more dark. This bright daylight doesn’t help me. It hurts and weakens me even more. Though I’m in a shadow, but still feel like I’m burning. It’s hot in here, it’s too bright for my eyes, for my skin. I am so pale. I know It’s an indicator I have not much time left. My eyes hungrily glare outside. Sandy hell! My fingers roll in tight fists as I try to adjust my eyes to the light.

  • Wait, Milly. A bit more.

I whisper just for myself. My head is heavy. I lay it back on the floor. My mind is fading. I close my eyes. Though for a minute. 

  • Just keep focused.

I mumble. My breath is heavy, slow, deep inhales. Room turns around. View is not clear, it’s blur. Becomes still and goes blank.

I open my eyes. They are not anymore blue. They are black as my vision suflerates me. I was faded again. Probably. Shit.. I manage to crawl slowly on my knees. Sun is lower. 

I sit on the floor and tear off a part of my nightgown, make a better cover for my breasts, shoulders and head. I brush my hair with my hands. Palms tap a few times on my face. Finger accidentally touches my fang. They are already prolonged. Hunger. It is settled in my stomach and boils there. I lick my lips. They are cracked and painful.

It’s almost dark. I love this time of day. Sun used to dance nicely in my windows. But I am not at home. I stuck here.. or I was stuck here.. I have to move, to give me more time till the upcoming morning. I won’t survive here one more day.

– It’s time.

I encourage myself and peek through the entrance. After some simple test I decide it’s manageable out there and I get out of my hideout. It’s late evening. The weather is more airy here. My sharp vision returns into my eyes after a while, fingertips twitch and hunger pushes me in full height outside. 

  • Where to?

My hunter’s instinct says I have to head to the right, and my legs follow. First of all I stumble, not easy to go, but each hot step sets me more focused to hunt, to survive, and move forward. Sand, bloody sand everywhere! No life around. Desperation mixes with hope and they both fight in my tiny human’s body.

With the small breeze I come to my senses. It’s damp. It’s water! I smell water! I follow the given direction leaving the old one I was holding. My legs run, run a few miles. Sand. Sand. Sand..

Sand… What a f*ck?!

I’m rooted in place, confused, hungry and desperate. Where to go? Where to? Oh, I see. Finally see something far in a blur moving. I am dizzy. So dizzy. Head spinning. Can I trust my eyes? My nose? That knot in my stomach grows stronger. I start to run chasing after movement here and there. 

I stumble, but spot it right away. It’s big enough. It doesn’t know what awaits. I catch my escaping giggle and plant a palm to cover my mouth to avoid any sound. I stalk my prey. Me becomes a silent shadow lost in nature. I could have killed it already, but now I’m too weak. It can’t get away. I fight with my instincts and rational mind hidden somewhere deep in my back head, but silently praying to slow down. I don’t want to listen to him, but my body doesn’t cooperate properly as well. My body tenses reading for action. With the new movement I act in a moment. I make a jump right in front of my prey. Eyes see only the target. My fingers stop trembling, body becomes stable and powerful. Nail catch a throat, squeeze it tightly and make their master work with no mercy. 

I still feel life slightly pulsing, but not for too long, job is done. My fangs slide in hungrily and I let out a low growl when prey’s blood meets my throat. I cut deeper, tear off apart, suck greedily and enjoy every drop. It’s thick, still warm, aromatic. 

  • Mmmm

It slides light like silk in my throat.

  • Mmmm 

After such a great restock It’s easy to get a few more. Finally satisfied I avert my eyes from my lifesavers and look around. We are in a meadow. Trees, lots of trees surround us. I smile. They are tall, wave for the moon. I let a happy sigh.  

  • You did it Milly. You are out. You are free.

I stand and swirl around laughing my hands outstretched to the sides caressing air waves. It’s joyfulness becomes harsh, needing my heart. Moon peaks out, reminding me about the limit of time I have. Right.

  • It’s time to find the way now.

I follow the smell of the water. Its sound reaches my ears and it’s much easier to find its source. It runs and jumps over big stones, tickles small ones on its way. I feel hot and dirty and that refreshing sound is so tempting. I reach the shore with its sound playing in my ears.

  • Oh!

I stop stepping a bit aback as I find myself high on the cliff disappointed. A few miles on the side it’s not so steep, I could freshen up my dusty and dirty skin. Wheels turn in my head battling the temptation, but I decide I can’t waste time reaching it. Instead with my feet fingers I hug the sharp edging of the cliff. My eyes always look straight, avoiding to look down at the danger. They stare at the target, the other shore, my next destination till the dawn.

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