My heart pounds like thouthands thunderstorms. My ears went awry. I struggle to suck in some air. 

What does SHE do here? Why is she with him? His mistress?! Mistress!!

I set my both fists against the window niche and rest my forehead between them.

  • Mistress!!

My fists tremble and I punch the window arc. It cracks. Crack opens ups, follows to the ceiling arc and its other end reaches the arc base.

  • She is with him. She does it WILLINGLY! 

I saw them. They looked happy and close as an old loving couple. That heet in the prince’s eyes, the lust in his body moves towards her. And worst of all she let him touch her, to kiss her lips, to hold her so close. She responded to his affection.

  • Did she play with me?

I breathe heavily. My heart suddenly has a heavy stone. I am lost in doubts. She couldn’t, could she? She couldn’t fake everything we had, everything that was between us. It looked real, it felt real. It is true. It had to be true. I refuse myself to believe the opposite.

  • You!

I jump a bit and sprint to face her at a sudden her voice. She crosses the entrance in her graceful catwalking. She rips off her mask of her face and tosses it. I was right. She. My Sunshine.

  • YOU!!

She roars at me from a distance. She reaches a dagger from behind her back and throws it at me!

I dodge on an instinct.

  • What’s that for?!
  • YOU! 
  • Beast! 
  • You!

With each word she makes steps toward me and throws more daggers directly into me. Hell, she is accurate. I am not hurt only because I am trained and quick.

  • Hell, STOP it!
  • It’s you! 
  • YOU have to stop it!

She comes towards me aiming with daggers. What’s going on? It’s hard to understand. When she is hurting, she is prompt. I would like to read her mind. Uuups! One more dagger right now flies my direction. I have to squeeze myself against the wall to avoid it. It cuts my neck, but not deep. To my luck she didn’t use the silver dagger she always has on her thigh.. My eyes slide down her body curves. She still has it.

  • You are one of them! YOU! 

She is furious. What’s the hell going on? She leaves me in peace in my Eden palace. I find her suddenly here, in HIS embrace and she is HUNTING me! F*ck! I dodge. How many daggers she has under her transparent skirt?

Two more daggers leave her hands and look for me in attack. F*ck! Even now I want her. She is dangerously gorgeous. So fragile, so light on her feet and so passionate. My body betrays me again. I breathe in sharply.

She palms my throat of a sudden. I blink. Nothing like she used to do before. She squeezes it. Our bodies are glued. Under other circumstances I would enjoy that but the danger threatening my life is too big. I try to tear off her hands. I don’t want to hurt her. Her grip tightens on me. I struggle to breath. 

  • You asked for the message! It’s time.

Her voice is unrecognisable, harsh. My skin goes in goosebumps. My eyes widen. She knows I am Eden?! Was that message meant for me?

  • Helliana.. 
  • ..stop.. 
  • ..it! 

After each word she presses her thombs into my throat. It hurts a lot. My eyes become red and fangs prolong. My dark creature side starts to break out. After a few moments I won’t be in control of my body. Her grip lightens for a second. I gasp for air and push her off of me. She doesn’t let me go and tightens her grip again. 

  • You are not going anywhere..

She says through bitten teeth. I slump against the wall to the ground and hit her hard with my legs, push her hands away and try to get some air. She whisk away pain. She straddles my hips and tightens grip on my throat, lets her nails in my flesh, her eyes are dark like coal and black tattoos appear under her eyes. It’s black messy flood of tears. It’s her old sorrow. My eyes are dazed, torpid.

  • Why don’t you die tonight?!

I manage to toss her sideways. Catching her breath she stands in front of me. Her eyes are glassy. Some real tears appear. She is still angry and louches on me with much power. I catch her and press against the wall, secure her hands above her head.

  • You have to die!

She screams in all shattering animal’s roar. I kiss her on the lips. She avoids, tries to escape but something breaks in her and she deepens the kiss. That’s my sunshine. What happened to her? Her lips find my neck, lick and suck. Her fangs scratch my skin and enter my flesh. Raw. I wince but relax and give her better access. She suckes eagerly.

  • I love you.

Her silver dagger enters my heart. I hiss.

  • I hate you!

My heart skips a beat from those words. It could slow down and stop if it still was alive. Now it just squeezes. What hurt her so much?

  • You love me, sunshine.

I whisper gently looking into her teary wild eyes. She still cries and holds my gaze. My heart breaks from seeing her broken.

  • Why don’t you die?

Her voice has changed. It’s very sad now and quiet. Tears still are rolling her cheeks.

  • Because you love me. We are bonded.

She looks at me with non-seeing eyes, glassy. Stands up slowly. Takes her dagger out of my chest. My blood is dripping. She looks at me.

  • Go. 

She briefly points direction with her dagger. Her voice is not angry nor demanding or pleading. She is calm. Her eyes are bleary. 

  • And please 
  • stop it.

She is sad. So sad. With those tattoo tears under her eyes, she looks like a hurt angel. 

  • Stop? What?

I ask her, but her lips don’t respond and her eyes don’t look at me anymore. She leaves. Leaves me again.

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