One more week passes by. I spend my days and nights in Black mansion and my fearless Sorgedon is out there. The Wall and red capes separate us. I stand daily helpless on the Wall which he defends with everything he has. It’s our home. Our kingdom. He is my King. He is my brother. I close my eyes and let out a long sigh.

  • Get my battle clothes ready. 
  • Milly..

I ignore him and look at my brother on the other side of this Wall, my blood fighting for all of us. Defending everything we have.

  • Morty, he needs help. 

My heart squeezes. I can’t lose him too.

  • Milly, you are needed here. Our people believe in you. You are their power. You are their hope.
  • I did here everything I could. Now you defend the Wall. 

His mouth opens, but no words leave. He just sighs deeply.

  • Do you have a plan?
  • I’m not going alone. Taking some men. 
  • I’m with you!
  • No. Defend the Wall. They are too close. I don’t trust anyone else. 
  • What’s your plan?

I smile sadly.

  • Wait for the King, Morty. DON’T surrender. That’s an order.

I turn to leave, but his strong hands pull me close and his lips crash on mine. I see a vision, his desire.

Vision **  We are in his hall. His body presses into mine. My back holds into the stone wall behind. His hands hold mine firmly stretched into sides and press me closer against the wall. Our chests move in short breathes. He parts my legs quickly and places himself between them. I straddle his waist, his hips support me. He looks direkt into my eyes and eagerly enters my body with low growl. He pounds into me. Strong. Passionate. Without mercy. As the stone wall behind my body trembles, I hear our moans. He is growing. Pulsing inside me. My body aches for him, so I press my hips into him. I want him deeper, but he stops, takes out and I can feel just the tip next to my entrance. It’s so teasing. And frustrating! I bite my lower lip. He crashes a kiss on my lips and gets back into me. He pumps strong and with bigger intensity, growls in his baritone. I feel how I tighten around him down, between my thighs, ring him tight. It starts to pulsate and sends pulsing waves to my inner walls. He groans loud. After a few moments we are both done and we start to come back from our heights. **

  • King will come back, Morty.

My palm reaches my heart. He does the same. I hope his dream stays just a dream. It’s too dangerous with my brother on the side.

  • Kingdom and future.

I add showing my loyalty to my brother and retreat to my chambers. I change clothes and wait for my right time looking at the sun. I’ll have not much time till the sun will be totally down. I give orders for our men. They are enlightened in my plan. They are brave. They agreed to follow me. It’s dangerous for all of us out there and they still do it. It can be that no one from us will return and still they are willing to do it.

Sun is still in the sky, but very low. It’s my moment. My blood lets me go out now and not burn. I cross the Wall and move fast, silent. I just have to reach the required place. Battle stops during daytime, but in a half-hour it will burrow again. 

He rests on his back, eyes are closed. I straddle his hips, lean and plant a passionate kiss on his lips. In less than a second I feel a tip of a dagger next to my chest.

  • Sorgedon.

Comes in a whisper blowing his name. I expected that, no less. My smile meets his eyes. 

  • Gorgeous!? You are mad!
  • Shush. Don’t wake others.

He brings me down under him. I feel clear, he missed me. He is so hard in those tight leather trousers. If we just could… I don’t finish my thoughts. He presses me against the nearest tree. His hands work quickly. Mine as well. In no moment I feel his flesh on mine, his fingers near my sensitive spot between my bare thighs. His lips find my breasts.

  • Mmm.. Milly, your wonderful smell.. you are dripping.

I blush from eagerness. He enters me in one straight move and we both move at insane speed. We change a few trees, but stop under one for longer. Hundreds of years old oak stands out in our heated play. Just shadows help us to survive evening sun rays. Our skin reddens a bit at the touches of light. There is smoke around our bodies. It doesn’t stop us. I let out a loud moan and he catches it with a kiss. He strokes fast and intensely. I meet his every move empowering it till I feel blowing pressure building in my stomach. He groans and makes me dizzy. I give him better access to my neck and he takes the chance. His sharp white fangs make two dots and carefully slide deeper. He is almost starving without hunting in this battlefield, so I am worried he could control himself. But he sucks gentle with the growl deep in his throat. He takes me both ways at the same time and I am panting. Few more deep moves, just like we both like, just there, exactly into that spot we both know. We moan together. The world around us disappears and mine shutters in pieces. He joins and we come together. I open my eyes. His forehead rests on mine. We are breathless and sweaty.

  • What.. are.. you.. doing here?
  • I have.. few men.. They are ready. 
  • Milly.. Come back to Father.

I look at him. Plant a palm on heart and land on one knee in front of him. I greet my King. His eyes become wide. He turns his head to the side. I know, he tries to hide his tears. I stand up. He didn’t know about the father, about our King. Almost no one knows. We don’t need to give the enemy an advantage. I forbid an announcement.

  • How?
  • Peacefully. At home. On my hands. 

He hugs my shoulders, I stroke his back for a while. He kisses my temple. I wipe his tears. Our foreheads meet again.

  • Sorgedon, all what they have, you see here. Their weak point is on your left.
  • Make a flange. Let’s encircle them. 

He looks around and lets out a long sigh.

  • I don’t have enough men left.
  • I will help you.
  • No! NO. Gorgeous, I need you alive. Kingdom and future. Remember?

He looks into my eyes. They mirror love and worry.

  • Take my men then. They are ready. They know the plan.
  • Who will lead them? They can’t act on their own.
  • Morty.

I lie. He nods. Knot  forms in my throat. He probably will not get a chance to kill me for that. I just lied to my new King. I disobeyed him. Sorry, brother. If I tell you, you will never agree. The Kingdom needs a King. There wasn’t a Queen for thousands of years. Sun is down. I return my eyes on him. I see him probably last time, so I take a good look trying to remember every trace of his face. I’m sorry, brother. 

He lets me go and I disappear in the dark.

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