Black King

  • What the hell?..

I murmur annoyed as I hear some loud strange noises. My lips move. I’m in my bed chambers, in my large and comfy bed. Still sleepy. Eyes closed. They know, they risk their lives waking me now, do they?

  • Lady! 
  • Hhr… 

I growl. Irritated.

  • Lady Milly!

My patience has almost reached it’s low.

  • Just shut up… 

I growl and whisper slowly into my pillow. Eyes closed. I know she doesn’t hear me. She is still in the corridor. Ohhh.. Humans with those loud shoes and big soundy mouths..

  • Don’t make this mistake. I really liked you.

I say quietly not opening my eyes. I’m still sour after yesterday’s party.

  • Lady!

I growl once more and answer angrily.

  • What’s now?!
  • Milly, stay in your chambers. Don’t leave.

Sorgedon slides in like a cat. My maid Lea appears behind him breathless. I nod. She turns and leaves us alone. My eyes find him and make a quick scan. He is half-dressed. His white shirt is still messy. Clearly he was in a hurry. His shoes and pants give away he is preparing for battle. Battle?! One more attack?! My breath catches on the thought for a second longer than usual.

  • What’s going on, brother?

I say as calm as I can manage.

  • Beasts..

He exhales sharp. Not again! They attack us again?! My mind tries to catch up with the news.

  • Father made a deal..
  • He did. But not all have an honor to keep it.

My palms beat the wall and I lean against it, take a relatively long look through the window. Beasts. They are coming. I see them. I hear them. All in red capes. They all belong to another old blood family. We never met. Actually, I never met no one of them. My Father has dealt with them for centuries and I stayed aside. 

  • Milly..

He starts my name so softly, but pauses shortly.

  • Milly, stay here. 

His voice is full of worry. Sorgedon turns me to face him, tilts my chin gently and our eyes meet.

  • King’s order, gorgeous. 

Those f*cking bastards aim against us again! How many times we have to show them, we are equal, we are strong, we want to live without them. It’s our land, our people, our kingdom and we are doing well on our own. 

  • Hear me, Milly. Do as I say.

His words are steel. I nod. He knows me too well. Too many times I didn’t obey.

  • And you, brother?

I don’t hide my concern.

  • Blood calls for blood.

He will fight for us all next to the King as everyone names our father. I put my right palm on my left chest’s side, just like I did in a pool, and nod. He mirrors me. Then plants a soft kiss on my lips and quickly leaves. 

Ten nights. Ten. Long. Nights. I hear battle outside our mansion’s borders where the ancient wall still stands. Ten nights. What takes so long this time? I didn’t leave my chambers. Just like I promised. I pace back and forward. Where are they? I look through the window again. Just like I did it a million times during the last few nights. Red movement outside still storms aggressively. It’s nearer our walls. 

Whistle!! My heart sinks immediately to my stomach.

  • FATHER !!

I let a cry out. It means only one thing. King is dawn! My legs know what to do on their own.

  • Father!

I flee breathless through the halls till I reach the throne hall. Other doors open at the same time and Morty, my brother’s main guard, brings King inside. My eyes are instantly on father. He is badly injured. He heals, but slowly. 

  • Father, what happened?! 

His head rests on my knees, his body on the hard dark lava floor. I brush his hair from the face and double check his wound under ribs. He heals. I exhale finally.

  • Run, love.

My eyes go wide and catch his. We never run! .. and what? .. leave our home?! What has happened?! My eyes do an accurate check of his head and injured body once more. I spot nothing new. He heals. My eyes narrow observing his open wound. Heals.. not quickly enough. Something is wrong. I double check. Something is very wrong. Chill runs over my back and I’m suddenly sweaty. Not wasting more time I cut my wrist with a sharp fingernail in one quick motion and feed him my blood. He is weak. It’s hard for him to lick or to speak.

  • Morty! What’s the f*ck?!

Morty jumps off a sudden by my interruption. He is also injured. He will live. I turn my eyes back to my father as no answer comes out. Morty slumps on the floor and doesn’t move. 

  • Mierda! 

I start to panic finding suddenly myself placed between two heavy for the life fighting bodies.

  • Lea! Bring blood and a wool blanket. 

Lea darts in. I point to Morty. Her eyes dart right at him. She runs out of the hall and I hear a larger comotion. Right, we will need help. If those two are down, what else is to come after? Chill settles again on my back. I feel my chest heavily moving.

  • Morty?!

My voice is cold and demanding. I blink myself at hearing it.

  • Eden.. 
  • Morty, just tell me! What did happen out there?
  • Dagger.. 

It doesn’t make any sense, so involuntarily I drag my eyes from Father and turn toward Morty. Morty’s forehead is covered in transparent little drops. Sh*t! Where is Sorgedon? Is he well? Worry creeps in my chest and finds a larger play for itself.

  • King..

Morty still mumbles separate words. My father starts trembling and my attention shifts back to him. I hug his shoulders. Maybe he needs a warm body. What takes for Lea so long?!

  • Father! Father, stay with us.

I feel his existence slipping.

  • Run.. love.. …run..
  • Sorgedon?

My breath is heavy, heart hammers under my palm. He shakes his head little no. He is weak. Too weak. Even my blood doesn’t help him. I tighten my grip on him. Damn! What a hell happened?!

  • Run..

At the same second his body in my hands melts in ashes. I had never seen this before. My breath is heavy, hands shake in shock. Eyes stare at the remains of my father, the remains of my King, remains of a powerful man flying around me in grey ashes. I try to swallow, it’s hard. My palms are cold, sweaty, the whole body is trembling. 

  • Father?..

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