I stride through the silent corridors of our mansion at Black hill. I am Millennia, youngest descendant of a Black bloodline, though almost no one calls me that and my blood is deep red like everyone else’s. I am known as a Black or just Princess, others call me Lady and to my nearest circle, I am Milly. As you already guessed right, my family holds a high status in our society and all of it only because of our special blood in our veins. It’s very old and almost didn’t change because we don’t mix with others. It helped us to survive and gain power. Because of it we are stronger now. We are powerful. We rule and others stick to us and obey. We are almost humans, but we are active just at night and avoid the sun. We are almost alive like humans, we have feelings, even stronger than humans, but our hearts are so silent that we can barely believe they are able to beat. We almost don’t feed ourselves now. We discipline ourselves and learned during long centuries, but no matter how well we mastered it, crave and passion for hunting still blooms in our chests. I happily chuckle and lick my lips just on a thought about the taste of their blood. It’s always better when it’s warm, direct from the warm body. That probably will never change. They live for us and because of us. We live not far from humans, some of us event between them. They call us devils, vampires in their myths, fairy tales and night stories. Maybe it was true somewhere in the past, now we have evolved in something different. New kind of humans?

My long white sheer lace nightgown sweeps the lava stone floor. Sparkling snow white color is meant just for royals. Not many can afford it, but it’s my favorite and I’m stocked well. Tonight is special, so I’m wearing what’s dear for my heart. My lips curve a small smile.

I pass by one hall after another. It’s so silent. I savoir moments like this. My eyes travel to the right side, where the whole wall is full of gigantic size windows. I adore this pathway. It looks almost magical at this time of the day. After a long and sunny day, the sun is almost settled down, but a bit of light still plays on colorfully painted edges of glasses. It’s my favorite time. I stop and take my time, enjoy the evening view and how wind and last bits of sun play with the leaves in the forest. 

With the smile on my face, I turn one more corner and enter through the first door on my left. It’s a large hall with enormous windows covered in black curtains with our kingdom’s gold pattern. You can see here the roaring lions and lilies. In the middle of this hall is a large pool with two huge running fountains in it. Each of them stands decorated in grapes and ivy red and white flowers. The light from the big two chandeliers above is just enough to enlighten this place and help me to find the way between hundreds of partying guests. They sit or lay down, making out on the enormous comfy plush kisses placed all around the pool. Grapes and goblets of red treasure are seen everywhere. Only he can throw a party like this. Soft smile escapes my lips again at this thought.

  • Hi gorgeous! 

His voice comes from behind and stops my observation. His familiar hand gently snakes my waist and I’m enveloped in his scent.

  • Hi Sorgedon. You know how to throw a party.

I turn, run my fingers up his muscular hands, broad shoulders, and plant airy kisses on his cheeks. A smile plays on my lips. I am so happy to see him again.

  • You know, Milly, this is ALL for you. 

His eyes glitter. He spins around himself showing the party around us with his one hand. The other hand still rests on my waist, so I spin with him and drink a view around us. Our guests look so happy, relaxed, loud laughs and quieter giggles, and some steamier sounds.

  • I’m glad you joined us tonight, gorgeous.

He whispers in my ear hugging my shoulders and plants a few slow kisses on my shoulder and up my neck. They are butterfly touches. For a moment I close my eyes and savour the feeling. His warm breath lingers on my cold sensitive skin.

  • I would never miss it. I’m so happy you came back.
  • Father needs my support. You heard, beasts are coming.

Shadow settles over our light mood and we become quiet, both lost in their own thoughts for a moment. Oh, I know.. Father updated me on the current situation a bit after I heard rumors and cornered him unexpectedly. And I know Sorgedon well. He is strong, well trained and loyal as a dog to our blood, to our land. He will never leave Father in need. 

  • It’s not the first time we have to deal with the beasts. Father has a plan. 

I search his eyes for confirmation. He looks sad, but plasters a smile.

  • That’s right, gorgeous. You have two loving and most powerful men. With the King and me by your side you don’t need to worry. 

He takes me in a bridal style, kisses my cheek and tickles my sides. I squirm under his touch, but he holds me firm and brings me directly into the pool. I giggle suddenly swept up from my feet and he gives me his genuine smile. First my ass, then feets and torso meet the water. It is still, warm and welcoming. Sorgedon plants me carefully on my feet and to my surprise without any word he dives under. After a minute he appears with a fancy box in his hand.

  • Sorgedon, you know, I have everything. Your comeback is enough.

I say looking into his eyes. They are smiling and I answer his genuine smile.

  • You will love it. Open.

His lips curve a little smile and eyes dance in joy. I take the box and he moves behind me. I feel his muscle hard body pressing my back. His palms land on my hips and slowly move up and down underwater. His breath tickles my neck.

  • Open it, gorgeous.

He whispers into my ear. I can feel his smile. It’s irresistible, so I open the gift box.

  • Sorgedon! It’s.. It’s magnificent!

I trail my fingertips along ornaments on the dagger. It’s breathtaking. Aw! It’s forged far away by real masters. Handle has lots of ornaments and a shining gem. Dagger’s shape is unusual for our lands. I try it and it’s so comfortable in my hand, very well balanced. Its sharp blade shines even in the dark though you could imagine it has some elf magic. It crosses the air straight making air vibrate and makes a deep cut. Tattoo on my chest starts to appear. Sorgedon notices it, leans and kisses starting from the corner where it begins. Slowly his lips find my nipple and he sucks it hard. I slightly blush and see slight redness on his cheeks. Visible just for my sharp eyes. Servant brings my gift back.

  • Let me in tonight, gorgeous. I missed you.

He looks into my eyes. I take a dagger once again from the box and make a long cut along my right palm. Blood appears quickly and starts running and dripping into the water. My eyes travel from my palm to his eyes. I place my bloody palm on my chest where my heart is.

  • It’s a yes.

He whispers and licks my palm looking into the depths of my eyes. My palm heals immediately. 

  • Kingdom and future. Welcome back home, Sorgedon.

He spins me happily in his embrace. Oh, I missed him so much! My legs hug his waist. We both smile and dive under the water splashing little waves.

We are our Fathers son and daughter. We two are expected to prolong our pure blood line, keep power and lands in our hands. Our blood belongs with our blood. We stick to each other, we can mix with some other species, but we never mix with other royals, other old bloodlines.

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